Which woman is Tim Duncan’s wife? What you ought to know about Amy Duncan 

Amy Sherrill, when hitched to NBA legend Tim Duncan, is a figure covered in secret. Leaning toward a day to day existence away from the spotlight, she keeps her own issues hidden. Not much is known of Amy’s initial life or profession. 

In any case, from 2001 to 2013, she was close by as his significant other, and together they invited two kids, Sydney and Draven. Amy’s choice to remain off virtual entertainment and out of the public eye just adds to the interest encompassing her. 

So how about we dig into the intriguing existence of Amy Sherrill, the one who remained alongside the ball symbol.

Amy Duncan’s Age in Bio

Amy Sherrill Duncan came into this world in 1977, hailing from the wonderful province of North Carolina. Her folks, Fred and Judy, gave the establishment to her childhood, ingraining upsides of empathy and liberality. 

While insights regarding her life as a youngster and training are scant, it’s realized that Amy finished her secondary school training prior to setting out on an excursion to Wake Timberland College in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. 

After her school days, Amy tracked down her calling as a donor. She devoted herself to having a constructive outcome on the planet, diverting her endeavors through the Tim Duncan Establishment. 

This non-benefit association turned into her meaningful venture, zeroing in on raising assets for wellbeing, mindfulness, exploration, and schooling. 

In any case, it doesn’t stop there. The establishment additionally upholds youth sports and sporting exercises, spreading its impact across San Antonio, Winston-Salem, and, surprisingly, the Virgin Islands. 

To fuel its honorable objective, the Tim Duncan Establishment coordinates different foundation occasions, including the Hammer Duncan Good cause Golf Exemplary and Bowl-A-Thon. Through these drives, Amy Duncan keeps on having an effect, contacting lives and leaving an enduring tradition of generosity and sympathy.


Full NameAmy Sherrill
Famous AsFormer Spouse of Tim Duncan
Birth DateJanuary 22, 1988
BirthplaceNorth Carolina, USA
Age36 years
Zodiac SignAquarius
ParentsFred Sherrill (Father), Judy Sherrill (Mother)
SiblingsNone (Only Child)
High SchoolLocal Private School in NC
UniversityWake Forest University
Eye ColorDark Brown
Hair ColorBlonde
Shoe SizeUndisclosed
Sexual OrientationHeterosexual
Marital StatusDivorced
ChildrenSydney and Draven (Two children)

Childhood and Schooling

Amy Sherrill came into this world on January 22, 1988, in the core of North Carolina, USA. Growing up, she was the apple of her folks’ eyes, Fred and Judy Sherrill, who sustained her in a warm and strong climate. For her initial tutoring, Amy went to a neighborhood tuition based school in her old neighborhood, where she left on her instructive excursion. 

Later on, she proceeded with her examinations at Wake Backwoods College in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. During her time at college, Amy zeroed in on her scholastics as well as tracked down delight in rooting for her school’s groups as a team promoter. 

Notwithstanding her contribution in cheerleading and her scholarly interests, insights regarding Amy’s experience growing up and early life remain generally undisclosed, covered in secret.

Career in Professionals

While Amy Sherrill’s expert undertakings stay undisclosed to people in general, she earned respect principally as the previous life partner of ball symbol Tim Duncan. During their marriage, Amy assumed a functioning part in dealing with the Tim Duncan Establishment, where she devoted her endeavors to raising assets for admirable missions. 

Nonetheless, since her separation from Tim in 2013, insights regarding Amy’s vocation direction or any expert achievements have stayed subtle. Her ongoing occupation and any connected accomplishments have not been uncovered to the public eye, leaving her post-separate from proficient undertakings covered in secret.

Amy Sherrill’s Parents

Amy Sherrill grew up as the only child of her parents, Fred and Judy Sherrill, without any siblings to share her childhood adventures with.

Fred Sherrill

Amy Sherrill’s dad, Fred Sherrill, initially from North Carolina, invited Amy into the world in 1977. While there isn’t a lot of data accessible about his expert undertakings, he invests heavily in being Amy’s dad close by his better half, Judy Sherrill. 

Amy, their lone youngster, thrived scholastically and socially at Wake Backwoods College, where she energetically applauded the college group.

Judy Sherrill

Amy Sherrill’s mom, Judy Sherrill, likewise hails from North Carolina and entered the world in 1977. While insights concerning her expert process stay undisclosed, her essential job radiates through as the caring mother of Amy Sherrill. 

Along with her better half, Fred Sherrill, they brought up Amy, their lone youngster, supporting her along life’s excursion. Albeit the spotlight frequently falls on Amy’s own life and her association with Tim Duncan, Judy stays an undaunted presence in her girl’s life, offering adoration and backing constantly.

Amy Sherrill’s Life After Divorce 

Amy Sherrill and Tim Duncan’s romantic tale started back in their school days at Wake Woodland College. They previously ran into each other in 1992 and before long ended up succumbing to one another. Regardless of the obstacles of Tim’s NBA profession, Amy stayed close by, focused on making their relationship work. 

Their process together went in a different direction on July 21, 2001, when they traded promises and formally became a couple. Throughout their 12-year marriage, they invited two delightful youngsters into their lives: Sydney, brought into the world on June 27, 2005, and Draven, brought into the world on August 3, 2007. 

In spite of their prosperity as a team, their relationship confronted difficulties, and they at last pursued the hard decision to head out in different directions. In 2013, they headed out in a different direction, refering to individual purposes behind their separation. However their heartfelt excursion reached a conclusion, the adoration they shared as guardians to their kids keeps on persevering.

Tim Duncan

Tim Duncan, the b-ball legend, entered the world on April 25, 1976, in Holy person Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands. Growing up, he was supported by his folks, Ione and William Duncan, who relocated from Anguilla to give a superior life to their loved ones. Tim’s ability on the b-ball court is amazing, particularly during his residency with the Spikes during the 2000s and mid 2010s. His commitments assumed a significant part in the group’s prosperity during that period. 

Past ball, Tim is known for his humanitarian undertakings through the Tim Duncan 

Establishment. Through this association, he centers around drives connected with wellbeing, instruction, and youth sports programs, leaving an enduring effect on his local area. In 2001, Tim sealed the deal with Amy Sherrill, and together, they invited two kids into the world. Notwithstanding their common history, they headed out in different directions in 2013. 

Tim’s own life took one more turn when he entered a relationship with Vanessa Macias, with whom he shares a little girl named Plume, adding one more section to his biography.

The Offspring of Amy Sherrill

Sydney and Draven hold an extraordinary spot in the hearts of Tim Duncan and Amy Sherrill. The bond they share with their folks is significant and significant, mirroring the adoration and association inside their loved ones. In spite of the fact that we don’t have a lot of knowledge into Sydney and Draven’s own lives or vocation ways, their presence without a doubt enhances the existences of Tim and Amy. 

While Tim’s ball process and his relationship with Amy take the spotlight in open conversations, it’s obvious that Sydney and Draven assume significant parts in shaping their relational peculiarities and making valued recollections together.

Separation and Private Life

Following twelve years together, Amy Sherrill and Tim Duncan went with the difficult choice to head out in a different direction, finishing their separation in 2013. It was Amy who ventured out toward finishing their marriage. Be that as it may, regardless of this huge change in their relationship, their obligation to co-nurturing their two kids, Sydney and Draven, stayed relentless. 

Beyond the b-ball court, Tim proceeded with his humanitarian endeavors through the Tim Duncan Establishment. His commitment to supporting wellbeing mindfulness, schooling, and youth sports programs serious areas of strength for remained in the midst of the individual difficulties he confronted. In spite of the highs and lows, both Amy and Tim focused on their youngsters’ prosperity regardless of anything else and kept a common regard for one another all through their excursion.

The physical appearance of Amy Sherrill

Amy Sherrill is known for her dazzling brilliant hair, which impeccably supplements her fair composition. Her spellbinding dim earthy colored eyes wonderfully diverge from her blondie locks, adding to her general allure. 

Nonetheless, while we can respect her striking highlights, precise estimations like level, weight, and body type stay a secret. Amy has decided to keep these subtleties hidden, adding a demeanor of interest to her persona.

The Net Worth of Amy Sherrill in 2024

Appraisals of Amy Sherrill’s total assets shift, for certain sources recommending it very well may be essentially as high as $100 million, while others estimate it to be around $1 million. Her abundance is accepted to originate from a blend of her expert undertakings and her separation settlement with Tim Duncan, the praised previous NBA player. 

Notwithstanding, the specific breakdown of her total assets and the particular wellsprings of her abundance stay muddled, adding a quality of secret to her monetary status. In spite of the vulnerability encompassing her total assets, it’s obvious that Amy Sherrill has amassed a lot of riches, further adding to the interest encompassing her life.


  1. Early Life: Amy Sherrill was born on January 22, 1988, in North Carolina, USA. She was raised by her parents, Fred and Judy Sherrill, and she is their only child.
  2. Education: Amy attended a local private school for her primary education and later enrolled at Wake Forest University in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. During her university years, she was actively involved as a cheerleader for the school’s teams.
  3. Marriage to Tim Duncan: Amy Sherrill married NBA legend Tim Duncan on July 21, 2001. They first met while both were students at Wake Forest University and began dating in 1992.
  4. Children: During their marriage, Amy and Tim welcomed two children, a daughter named Sydney (born June 27, 2005) and a son named Draven (born August 3, 2007).
  5. Philanthropy:Amy played an active role in managing the Tim Duncan Foundation, a non-profit organization focused on health awareness, education, and youth sports programs. She dedicated herself to raising funds for charitable causes.
  6. Divorce: After twelve years of marriage, Amy and Tim divorced in 2013. The divorce was initiated by Amy, but they remained committed to co-parenting their two children.
  7. Private Life: Amy Sherrill prefers to keep her personal life private and away from the public eye. She does not have a presence on social media and chooses to live a low-profile lifestyle.
  8. Net Worth: Estimates of Amy Sherrill’s net worth vary, with some sources suggesting it could be as high as $100 million, while others speculate it to be around $1 million. Her wealth is believed to stem from her professional endeavors and her divorce settlement with Tim Duncan.
  9. Current Status: Details about Amy Sherrill’s current occupation and personal life are undisclosed. Since her divorce from Tim Duncan, she has maintained a private life and has not been involved in public endeavors.


Amy Sherrill, once married to NBA legend Tim Duncan, is a private individual who keeps her personal life out of the limelight. Not much is known about her early life or career, but she was by Tim’s side as his wife from 2001 to 2013, during which they had two children, Sydney and Draven. 

Amy’s decision to stay off social media and out of public scrutiny adds to the mystery surrounding her. Despite the lack of information about her professional life, she actively managed the Tim Duncan Foundation, focusing on charitable causes. After their divorce in 2013, Amy’s subsequent career path remains undisclosed.


Who is Amy Sherrill?

Amy Sherrill is the former spouse of NBA legend Tim Duncan. She prefers to keep her personal life private and away from public attention.

When was Amy Sherrill born?

Amy Sherrill was born on January 22, 1988, in North Carolina, USA.

How many children does Amy Sherrill have?

Amy Sherrill has two children, Sydney and Draven, with her ex-husband Tim Duncan.

What is Amy Sherrill’s profession?

While Amy Sherrill’s specific profession is undisclosed, she gained recognition primarily as Tim Duncan’s former spouse and for her involvement in managing the Tim Duncan Foundation.

What is Amy Sherrill’s net worth?

Estimates of Amy Sherrill’s net worth vary, with some sources suggesting it could be as high as $100 million, while others speculate it to be around $1 million. Her wealth is believed to stem from a combination of her professional endeavors and her divorce settlement with Tim Duncan.

How long were Amy Sherrill and Tim Duncan married?

Amy Sherrill and Tim Duncan were married from 2001 to 2013, a total of twelve years, before they divorced for personal reasons.

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