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Dominic Seagal was naturally introduced to a group of two VIPs eminent for their jobs in probably the best movies at any point created in Hollywood. However, not at all like numerous VIP kids, he didn’t emulate his parent’s example and decided to fashion his way. Regardless of the name Seagal being natural to film darlings around the world, one could contend that Dominic has not satisfied the name.

Dominic Seagal is well known as the child of entertainer Steven Seagal and entertainer Kelly LeBrock. Dominic comes from a group of entertainers yet decided to avoid the acting business. He has two siblings: the performer and writer Ayako Fujitani and the model and entertainer Fujitani.Be that as it may, a lot of Dominic has stayed obscure in spite of having two notable guardians. All in all, what is his story?

Who is Dominic Seagal?

Brought into the world on June 21, 1990, in California, Dominic Seagal is a 34-year-old American who grew up encompassed by the fabulousness and excitement of media outlets. In spite of his folks’ broad popularity, Dominic has picked a calmer life for himself.

Dominic Seagal Biography:

The celebrity kid was brought into the world on 21 June 1990 (age 32 beginning around 2022) in Los Angeles, California, US. He is the offspring of Steven Seagal (father) and Kelly LeBrock (mother).

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Dominic’s father is a performer, screenwriter, guitarist, and military specialist known for highlighting in numerous films, including Enduring an onslaught (1992) and Knife (2010). Dominic’s mother is a performer and model known as far as concerns her in Hard To Kill (1990), where Steven is similarly a performer.

Dominic has two blood families and five half-family. His father has seven children from four associations. Steven Seagal has two children from his most noteworthy relationship, Kentaro and Ayako Fujitani. His resulting relationship completed without youths. Steven then married Dominic’s mother, Kelly LeBrok, and had three youths, Annaliza, Dominic, and Arissa.

Then, Steven married for the third time and welcomed a kid called Kunzang. Other than his normal successors, Steven is the guardian of Yabshi Skillet Rinzinwangmo, the solitary posterity of the 10th Panchen Lama of Tibet.

He encountered youth in California, where he experienced his young life and went to class. He should have been a performer while being energetic and imitating his parent’s model. Thus, he joined the show club in optional school and participated in a couple of plays. Nonetheless, right after continuing on from auxiliary school, he picked another work way.

Dominic Seagal Wiki:

Full nameDominic Seagal
Date of birth21 June 1990
Age32 (as of 2022)
Zodiac signCancer
Place of birthLos Angeles, California, United States
Height (feet)6′ 1”
Height (centimeters)185
Weight (pounds)156
Weight (kilograms)71
Hair colorBrown
Eye colorBrown
MotherKelly LeBrock
FatherSteven Seagal
SiblingsArissa LeBrock, Kentaro, Savannah, Ayako Fujitani

Dominic Seagal Education:

In the same way as other trying entertainers, Dominic’s enthusiasm for artistic expressions bloomed during his early stages. He effectively partook in his school’s theatrics club, leveling up his abilities in theater creations and embracing the universe of acting since the beginning. Subsequent to finishing his secondary school instruction, Dominic further sought after his scholarly objectives, however the points of interest of his school foundation stay undisclosed.

Dominic Seagal’s childhood was out and out exceptional, with his experience growing up inseparably connected to the notoriety and achievements of his praised guardians. Brought up at the center of attention, he saw firsthand the commitment and determination expected to prevail in the serious domain of diversion.

Dominic Seagal Age:

Dominic Seagal came into this world on June 21, 1990, in the radiant territory of California, US. Today, at 33 years old, he keeps on commending his birthday celebrations in the midst of the lively environment that has encircled him since adolescence.

Dominic Seagal Height:

Standing tall at 5’7″ (1.7m) and weighing roughly 176 lbs (80kg), Dominic Seagal’s actual height is a demonstration of his devotion to wellness and solid living. His striking elements and athletic form play without a doubt had an impact in his quest for an acting profession.

Dominic Seagal Family:

Dominic’s familial ties are well established in the realm of diversion. His dad, Steven Seagal, is a multi capable person who has made a permanent imprint as an entertainer, maker, screenwriter, military craftsman, and vocalist. Steven’s acting presentation in the 1988 film “Exempt from the rules that everyone else follows” moved him to distinction, and he has since showed up in various action- pressed blockbusters.

Dominic’s mom, Kelly LeBrock, is an English American entertainer and model who originally graced the cinema in 1984 with “The Lady dressed in Red.” She has imparted the screen to her previous spouse, Steven Seagal, in movies, for example, “Strange Science” (1985) and “Difficult to Kill” (1990).

Notwithstanding his renowned guardians, Dominic imparts a nearby cling to his two sisters, Arissa LeBrock and Annalise Seagal. He additionally has stepbrothers named Kunzang Seagal and Kentaro Seagal, as well as stepsisters Ayako Fujitani and Savannah Seagal. Regardless of his folks’ separation in 1994, Dominic has kept up areas of strength with the two sides of his loved ones.

Dominic Seagal Career:

Experiencing childhood in the shadows of his renowned guardians, Dominic Seagal fostered a characteristic interest and interest in the realm of acting from early on. Presented to the complexities of the specialty, he saw firsthand the devotion and energy expected to prevail in this exceptionally serious industry.

Regardless of the charm of emulating his folks’ example, Dominic has decided to fashion his, not entirely settled to cut out his own personality and become well known in his own specific manner.

While the particulars of Dominic’s acting vocation are not widely reported, it is realized that he has shown up in a few TV series and short movies throughout the long term. His jobs, however maybe not as prominent as those of his folks, mirror his continuous obligation to sharpening his specialty and investigating different features of media outlets.

One of the difficulties that Dominic has confronted is the consistent correlation with his folks’ famous lifetimes. Notwithstanding, he has embraced this test with effortlessness and assurance, endeavoring to make his own novel character and make a permanent imprint on the business.

“I’m doing whatever it takes not to resemble my folks or satisfy their inheritance. I’m simply attempting to be my best self and follow my own way.” – Dominic Seagal

Dominic Seagal Net Worth:

Deciding Dominic’s total assets is testing since his profession foundation stays obscure. Nonetheless, Dominic is one of the main beneficiaries of his dad’s fortune worth $16 million. His dad brought in cash from his exercises as a military craftsman, activity celebrity, screenwriter, maker, performer, and money manager.

Dominic Seagal Relationship:

The previous Pantene representative isn’t hitched right now. In any case, she was once in a high profile relationship with Steven Seagal.

The two initially met in Japan, and Steven Seagal was Kelly LeBrock’s companion for very nearly a decade – from 1987 to 1996. They separated after his disloyalty with Arisa Wolf, the youngsters’ babysitter.

The Kelly LeBrock Steven Seagal separate was exceptionally pitched, and years after the fact in 2013, the entertainer conceded that the cycle and exposure negatively affected her and her confidence.

Facts about Dominic Seagal:

  • Background: Dominic Seagal was born on June 21, 1990, in Los Angeles, California, to renowned actor Steven Seagal and actress Kelly LeBrock.
  • Family: He has two full siblings, Arissa LeBrock and Annalise Seagal, as well as several half-siblings from his father’s other relationships, including Kunzang Seagal, Kentaro Seagal, Ayako Fujitani, and Savannah Seagal.
  • Education: Dominic showed an early interest in acting, participating in his high school drama club. However, details about his college education remain undisclosed.
  • Career: While he initially considered pursuing acting, Dominic ultimately chose a different career path, opting for a quieter life away from the entertainment industry. Nonetheless, he has made appearances in some television series and short films.
  • Net Worth: Dominic’s net worth is challenging to determine due to his limited public career information. However, as one of Steven Seagal’s heirs, he is associated with a portion of his father’s fortune, estimated at $16 million.
  • Relationships: Dominic Seagal is not married, and details about his romantic life are scarce. His mother, Kelly LeBrock, was previously married to Steven Seagal, but they divorced in 1996 amid public scrutiny.


Dominic Seagal, born into a family of Hollywood celebrities, chose to step away from the limelight despite his parents’ fame. With a background in acting and a passion for the arts, he decided to pursue a quieter life away from the entertainment industry. While he has made occasional appearances in television series and short films, Dominic has largely remained out of the public eye. He is one of the heirs to his father Steven Seagal’s fortune, but details about his personal life, including relationships, remain private.

FAQs about Dominic Seagal:

Is Dominic Seagal pursuing an acting career like his parents?

While Dominic showed early interest in acting and participated in high school drama productions, he ultimately chose a different career path away from the entertainment industry.

What is Dominic Seagal’s net worth?

Dominic’s net worth is difficult to determine independently as he has kept his career largely private. However, as one of Steven Seagal’s heirs, he is associated with a portion of his father’s estimated $16 million fortune.

Was Dominic Seagal affected by his parents’ divorce?

Dominic’s parents, Steven Seagal and Kelly LeBrock, divorced in 1996 amidst public scrutiny. While the effects of their divorce on Dominic remain undisclosed, he has maintained strong connections with both sides of his family.

Who are Dominic Seagal’s siblings?

Dominic has two full siblings, Arissa LeBrock and Annalise Seagal, as well as several half-siblings from his father’s other relationships, including Kunzang Seagal, Kentaro Seagal, Ayako Fujitani, and Savannah Seagal.

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