How Old Is Shirley Strawberry, Biography, Height, Career, Net worth, And More

Shirley Strawberry isn’t your regular radio character. Brought into the world on July 28, 1954, she’s something beyond a voice on The Steve Harvey Morning Show. With gifts going from acting to composing, she’s cut out a complex vocation that is however captivating as it seems to be great.

In her 67 years, Shirley has encountered life’s ups and downs, adding profundity to her generally enrapturing character. However her precise total assets stays a secret, it’s obvious she’s finding real success.

Genuinely, Shirley radiates an attractive appeal that attracts individuals, however her glow and mystique really put her aside, rising above simple appearances.

Family is fundamental to Shirley, and keeping in mind that she keeps insights regarding her folks hidden, her better half and girl are her mainstays of solidarity. Their steadfast help without a doubt grounds her in the midst of the hurricane of showbiz.

Shirley’s process is sprinkled with shocks, from her unassuming starting points in radio to her unforeseen endeavors into acting and composing. Her abundance of random data is a demonstration of her shifted encounters and varied interests.

Thus, the following time you tune into the radio, recall that Shirley Strawberry is something beyond a voice. She’s a dynamic, multi-capable person with a story as rich and different as her own character.

Who is Shirley Strawberry?

Brought into the world on July 28, 1954, Shirley Strawberry isn’t your common radio character. Assuming you’ve checked out The Steve Harvey Morning Show, you could perceive her voice, yet all the same she’s much something beyond that. Shirley has an entire cluster of gifts at her disposal, from writing to acting, and obviously, facilitating that dearest public broadcast. She’s a genuine Renaissance lady.

Presently, we should jump into her own life. At 67, Shirley’s survived her reasonable part of high points and low points, adding layers to her generally interesting persona. While her definite total assets stays a secret, she is by all accounts doing pretty okay.

Genuinely, Shirley has that attractive appeal that attracts you every step of the way. However, it’s not just about appearances; her certifiable warmth and magnetism make her genuinely sparkle.

Family is everything to Shirley. While she keeps mum about her folks, her better half and girl are her anchors. Their immovable help without a doubt keeps her grounded in the midst of the madness of showbiz.

What’s more, kid, does Shirley have stories to tell! From her unassuming starting points in radio to her startling experiences in acting and composing, her process is packed with shocks.

Shirley Strawberry Biography

Picture this: Shirley Strawberry, a sturdy of the US radio scene, has ridden the promising and less promising times of life like a carefully prepared exciting ride. At 69, brought into the world on July 28, 1954, she’s left her imprint as a radio character as well as a creator and an entertainer.

Standing tall at 5 feet 7 inches and tipping the scales at 78 kg, Shirley orders consideration any place she goes. Her warm, light earthy colored eyes and reflexive dark hair are only the start of what makes her so enthralling. Yet, underneath that outside lies a daily existence molded by both love and misfortune.

Shirley’s process has been everything except simple. Losing her dad, Homer, in a shocking fender bender when she was only an infant was a staggering blow. Her mom, as well, died at 86 years old, however Shirley doesn’t frequently talk about her. However, notwithstanding the torment of these misfortunes, Shirley’s fondness for her folks radiates through in a way that would sound natural to her and recollections.

Through everything, Shirley has shown the world her mind blowing strength and flexibility. She’s a brilliant illustration of how to explore life’s difficulties with beauty and fortitude, never allowing mishaps to diminish her light.

Shirley Strawberry Wiki

NameShirley Strawberry
Date of BirthJuly 28, 1954
Place of BirthChicago, Illinois, USA
Age69 years old (as of 2023)
Height5 feet 7 inches (170 cm)
Weight78 kg (171 lbs)
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorLight Brown
Marital StatusMarried
Marriage DateJanuary 08, 2015
HusbandErnesto Williams
SiblingsNot known
ParentsName Not Known
OccupationRadio Host, Author, Actress
Net Worth$1.5 million (estimated)

Shirley Strawberry Height 

Shirley Strawberry remains at around 170 cm tall, which means about 5 feet 7 inches, and she holds herself with a load of around 78 kilos, or around 171 pounds. She has this sort of typical body type that suits her impeccably, and try to keep your hat on, her dazzling dark hair and those warm earthy colored eyes truly add to her general appeal.

Shirley Strawberry Family 

Shirley Strawberry is something other than a natural voice on the radio; she’s the daylight that lights up mornings on the Steve Harvey Morning Show. Brought into the world in Chicago on July 28, 1954, she’s carried on with a daily existence loaded up with different encounters.

Regardless of her public persona, Shirley keeps her everyday life generally hidden. Losing her dad when she was only an infant, she and her mom explored coexistence. She invests wholeheartedly in her African-American and American legacy yet likes to keep the subtleties of her day to day life out of the spotlight.

You won’t get Shirley putting family photographs all over web-based entertainment by the same token. She esteems security, whether it’s about her kin or some other family matters.

One thing that is perfectly clear, however, is the nearby connection among Shirley and her little girl, Sheridan. In 2015, she sealed the deal with Ernesto Williams, whom she had met back in 2013. Their marriage adds an additional layer of bliss and satisfaction to Shirley’s as of now satisfied life.

Shirley Strawberry Personal Life

All through her life, Shirley Strawberry has strolled down the path two times. Her most memorable spouse, Jimmy, is likewise the glad dad of her girl, Sheridan.

Once more notwithstanding, in 2015, Shirley tracked down adoration and traded promises with Ernesto Williams. Ernesto isn’t your common person; he’s famous for his ability as a hair specialist, maintaining his own fruitful business called “The 24 Hour Hairstyling parlor.” Their marriage isn’t simply an association of hearts; it’s a delightful interweaving of their own and proficient lives, exhibiting the powerful experiences shared by Shirley and Ernesto.

Shirley Strawberry Career

In her old neighborhood of Chicago, Shirley Strawberry launched her radio process, improving her abilities at different nearby stations. Yet, it was in 2000 that everything changed. Getting a co-anchor spot on “The Steve Harvey Morning Show,” she pushed the program higher than ever, enrapturing crowds from one side of the country to the other.

Shirley’s compassion and insight have acquired her approval on the wireless transmissions. Audience members rush to her for significant experiences, particularly on issues of the heart. One of the most remunerating parts of her work? Perusing letters from gave fans looking for her direction through private battles — an obligation she acknowledges.

In any case, Shirley’s impact doesn’t stop at radio. In 2010, she made her scholarly presentation with “The Strawberry Letter: Genuine Talk, Legitimate Advice, For Acridity Isn’t Charming,” enlivened by the messages shared on her show. The book collected acclaim from the two pundits and fans the same.

At the point when she’s not gracing the wireless transmissions or writing books, Shirley gleams on both the of all shapes and sizes screens. With essential jobs in films like “Consider Similar to an Honorable man” and Programs, for example, “The Parkers” and “Connection Fight,” she’s demonstrated her flexibility. In addition, she’s no more odd to facilitating, having helmed occasions like the Spirit Train Music Grants and the Local Honors.

In 2021, Shirley delivered her subsequent book, “The Strawberry Letter: Further Open Talk from Strawberry and Colleagues,” setting her obligation to assisting individuals with exploring the intricacies of connections. Loaded up with canny viewpoints and exhortation, alongside letters from audience members and Shirley’s shrewd critique, the book proceeds with her main goal of improving lives each section in turn.

Rise to Fame

Since its presentation on Apple Music web recording, Shirley’s Strawberry Letters program has been an outright sensation! She’s turned into the voice for endless ladies looking for appeal, collecting the consideration of millions of dedicated devotees.

Also, her radio profession? It’s been completely heavenly! In addition to the fact that she is overwhelming the wireless transmissions, but on the other hand she’s causing disturbances in TV and film. Who could fail to remember her appearance in “Madea Goes to Prison” (2009), where she played herself? You will scarcely believe, she totally nailed it!

However, that is not all. Shirley’s appeal and moxy have likewise made her a champion visitor on shows like “The Mo’Nique Show,” catching much more hearts.

Also, she didn’t stop there. Shirley wandered into TV creation and leader jobs, making a huge imprint on media outlets.

Gracious, and we should not fail to remember her book, “The Strawberry Letter: Genuine Talk, Genuine Guidance Since Harshness Isn’t Hot.” It was a raving success! Shirley emptied her entire being into each page, sharing the insight she’s acquired from her Strawberry Letters show.

Most importantly, Shirley’s striking accomplishments were perceived with the NAACP Picture Grant for “Best New Creator,” further cementing her devotion and capacity to rouse and inspire others.

Shirley Strawberry Net Worth

Starting around 2023, Shirley Strawberry’s assessed total assets of $8 million says a lot about her monetary achievement. It’s a huge accomplishment and a demonstration of her heavenly profession in media outlets.

All through her excursion, Shirley has amassed a remarkable fortune. Whether it’s the excitement of facilitating exuberant radio and Television programs in the mornings or the worthwhile prizes from her endeavors as a creator, she’s been rounding up the mixture. Also, we should not fail to remember the times she displayed her acting chops on TV, adding considerably more zeros to her generally great compensation.

However, for Shirley, it’s about something beyond distinction and fortune; it’s tied in with leaving an enduring effect and guaranteeing an agreeable life for herself. Furthermore, apparently, she’s succeeding at both decisively.

Steve Harvey Relationship

Shirley Strawberry and Steve Harvey share a bond that goes past business; they’re like family. Since the send off of the Steve Harvey Morning Show in 2000, their organization has been at the core of the program. Steve drives the accuse of his enamoring mystique as they dive into different points, from games to legislative issues, news, amusement, and relationship guidance.

Shirley assumes a urgent part on the show, particularly during her Strawberry Letter portion, where she offers sincere guidance to audience members confronting difficult stretches. Each show starts off with her notorious “Great morning, Steve,” establishing the vibe for the day with warmth and excitement.

Their association reaches out a long ways past the studio. As a matter of fact, Steve played go between for Shirley, acquainting her with her better half, Ernesto Williams, live on air in 2014. Steve even conveyed a contacting discourse at their wedding the next year. Shirley has consistently shown her warmth for Steve, especially when he was regarded with a star on the Hollywood Stroll of Popularity in 2019.

Throughout over twenty years, their relationship has developed into something other than a business collusion; it’s a veritable kinship. They’ve even worked together on abstract undertakings, offering profound bits of knowledge into connections. Steve’s book, “Behave Like a Woman, Have a similar outlook as a Man,” turned into a success in 2009 and roused an element film, while Shirley’s book, “The Strawberry Letter: Genuine Talk, Genuine Guidance, Since Sharpness Isn’t Provocative,” was distributed in 2010.

Their process together isn’t simply scholastically entrancing; it’s profoundly significant on an individual level, as they’ve been relentless partners through life’s highs and lows.

Shirley Strawberry Daughter

Shirley Strawberry and her little girl Sheridan share a bond that is really unique, going past the regular parent-kid relationship. Brought into the world on October 23, 1996, Sheridan isn’t simply Shirley’s youngster; she’s an impression of all that Shirley encapsulates. Simply a look at Shirley’s online entertainment feeds will pull at your heartstrings as you witness the profound love they share, caught in valuable minutes together.

On the other side, there’s a touch of secret encompassing Jimmy, Sheridan’s dad. Shirley stays quiet about insights concerning him, adding a dash of interest to her biography.

Be that as it may, Shirley’s family isn’t simply restricted to her and Sheridan. She likewise gladly wears the cap of grandmother to Jade and Max. Becoming a grandmother has given much more pleasure into Shirley’s life. She easily switches between the jobs of mother and grandma, esteeming each second enjoyed with her grandkids. A delightful sign of the persevering through affection has been gone down through ages in Shirley’s loved ones.

Shirley Strawberry Social Media

Shirley totally reveres virtual entertainment — it’s her approach to remaining associated with her friends and family constantly. Her records are continuously humming with a genuinely new thing, whether it’s depictions of her getting a charge out of life or sharing minutes from unique events. Also, brace yourself for what I’m about to tell you, individuals simply gobble it up! Her posts are so authentic and spellbinding that she’s accumulated an incredible following of committed fans who enthusiastically look for her updates.


How old is Shirley Strawberry?

Shirley Strawberry turned 69 years of age in 2023, having been brought into the world on July 28, 1954.

What is Shirley Strawberry’s total assets?

Shirley Strawberry’s assessed total assets starting around 2023 is $8 million, mirroring her fruitful vocation in radio, TV, composing, and acting.

Who is Shirley Strawberry hitched to?

Shirley Strawberry wedded Ernesto Williams in 2015. Ernesto is referred to for his ability as a hairdresser and maintains his own business called “The 24 Hour Hairstyling parlor.”

Does Shirley Strawberry have kids?

Indeed, Shirley Strawberry has a little girl named Sheridan from her past marriage, and she is likewise a grandma to Jade and Max.

What is Shirley Strawberry’s vocation past radio?

Notwithstanding her radio profession, Shirley Strawberry has wandered into acting, composing, and TV facilitating. She has showed up in films, Programs, and has created books, including “The Strawberry Letter” series, motivated by her public broadcast.


Shirley Strawberry is something other than a radio character; she’s a multi-gifted person with a different profession in acting, composing, and facilitating. Brought into the world in Chicago, Illinois, on July 28, 1954, she started her radio profession in Chicago prior to earning public respect on “The Steve Harvey Morning Show.” Shirley’s glow, beguile, and savvy exhortation have charmed her to audience members the nation over. She has additionally wandered into acting, composing, and TV facilitating, with outstanding jobs in different creations. Shirley’s own life remembers her union with Ernesto Williams for 2015, her little girl Sheridan, and her affectionate family.

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