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Jonathan Smith, better realized by his stage name Lil Jon, is an American rapper, musician, DJ, and record maker.

He is most popular for his part in making and advocating the southern development and way of life known as Crunk.

His fiery and riotous music, joined with his exceptional vocal conveyance, has made him a backbone in the music business for more than twenty years.

This article will dig into the extended total assets of Lil Jon in 2024.

Lil Jon Net Worth

Lil Jon is an American rapper, lyricist, record maker, DJ, and entertainer who has a total assets of $30 million.

Lil Jon, a dynamic and compelling figure in the music business, is most popular for his job in promoting the crunk sort, a subgenre of hip jump that arose in the South during the 1990s.

Brought into the world in Atlanta, Georgia, Lil Jon started his vocation in the music business as a DJ in nearby clubs.

His exceptional sound and energy immediately gathered consideration, prompting his ascent as an unmistakable figure in the Atlanta music scene.

In the mid 2000s, Lil Jon framed Lil Jon and The East Side Boyz, with whom he delivered a few fruitful collections that assumed a critical part in bringing the crunk type to standard crowds.

His music, described by its high energy, unmistakable beats, and rehashed yell outs, became inseparable from the party scene, both locally and broadly.

Lil Jon’s impact stretched out past his own collections as he turned into a sought-after maker and colleague, working with a large number of specialists across various classifications.

His creation style, set apart by snappy snares and forceful beats, helped shape various hit melodies.

Aside from music, Lil Jon has additionally wandered into TV and pioneering tries, exhibiting his flexibility and business discernment.

His particular voice, famous expressions like “No doubt!” and “What?”, and his lively persona have made him a social symbol

Who is Lil Jon?

Jonathan H Smith better realized by his stage name Lil Jon, is a rapper, musician, DJ, and record maker. He was brought into the world on January 17, 1971, in Atlanta, Georgia.

His dad was a specialist at an aviation and protection organization, and his mom was in the military.

He went to Frederick Douglass Secondary School and was even an individual from the school’s walking band.

Lil Jon was keen on music from early on, and at 15, he showed himself how to DJ. Under the careful attention of his folks, he hosted get-togethers in the storm cellar of his home, permitting him to rehearse his expertise.

These gatherings were called Old E and Chicken Gatherings and prompted him working in nearby dance clubs as a Clamor his expert profession, he has delivered different Top 10 Bulletin Hot 100 singles, for example, ‘Get Low’, ‘Treats’, ‘Tornado’, ‘Freek-a-Leek,’ and ‘Definitely!’.

He was even recorded as one of the Top Bulletin Music Grant Champs Ever back in 2016.

Lil Jon Bio

Lil Jon was conceived by Jonathan Mortimer Smith on January 27, 1971, in Atlanta, Georgia. Jon experienced childhood in a working class neighborhood of Southwest Atlanta.

His father worked at an aviation and protection organization as an architect. His mother was in the military.

Jon is the most seasoned of his folks’ five kids. At the point when Jon was in center school, he met Robert McDowell, Dwayne Searcy, and Vince Philips and the four became deep rooted companions.

As children, they wanted to skateboard and worked at a skate and bicycle shop close to Atlanta’s Piedmont Park called Skate Departure.

Jon is a self-trained DJ and started tossing parties in the cellar of the home he experienced childhood in to foster his DJ abilities.

The gatherings were facilitated by Jon and Searcy and became known as “Old E and Chicken Gatherings.”

Jon moved on from Frederick Douglass Secondary School. He was an individual from the walking band in secondary school.


NameLil Jon or Jonathan H. Smith
Net Worth$30 Million
Annual Income$3 Million
Sources of IncomeMusic Albums, Shows, Appearances
Date of BirthJanuary 17, 1971
Age52 years
NationalityUnited States of America
ProfessionRapper, songwriter, record producer, and DJ

Lil Jon Education

For the individuals who didn’t have the foggiest idea, The Ruler of Crunk is additionally the Lord of the Great Deeds. 

Jonathan Smith, otherwise called Lil Jon, commended the finish of an elementary school worked to increment instruction endeavors to an eastern locale of Ghana.

On Saturday (Oct. 14) the unbelievable maker shared a couple of pictures via web-based entertainment of Abomayaw D.A.

Kindergarten, a school block he helped store alongside instruction association Pencils of Commitment. The block highlights three completely outfitted study halls, toilets and an office.

Ghana radio outlet StarrFMOnline reports the school supplanted a battered structure in the rustic region of the Asuogyaman locale.

Already, kids were exposed to go to class in sheds and would be sent home on blustery days. It additionally made ranchers shun sending their kids to school.

Addressing the power source, Lil Jon communicated his substance in its finish and the way in which the school was additionally made out of appreciation for his late mother, Carrie Smith-Williams.

Lil Jon Age

Despite the fact that he is well known as Lil John, the rapper and record maker was conceived Jonathan Smith on January 27, 1971 in the US, in Atlanta, Georgia. He was raised close to 4 kin by a specialist father and extra mother.

From school, Smith went to concentrate on PCs at Frederick Douglas High. He began figuring out how to DJ when he was 15 years of age.

He was at that point tossing local gatherings which he called parties with his companions, Searcy.

Lil Jon Height

Lil Jon isn’t quite possibly the tallest man you can track down on a phase. He remains at a level of 1.6 m (5 ft 5 in).

Lil Jon Personal life

Lil Jon is renowned for the expression, “Yey-ah.”

Jon wedded his significant other Nicole in 2004.

They have a child, Nathan, (conceived 1998) who goes by the stage name DJ Youthful Slade.

Nathan has been DJing since he was 11. Jon has said that one of his most prominent delights in life is seeing all that complete the cycle with his child.

All he loves is Atlanta’s games groups. He loves the College of Tennessee Workers, which embraced his hit tune “Turn Down for What” on third downs, transforming it to “Third Down for What.”

He loves the NHL’s Las Vegas Brilliant Knights. Jon shows up in “Brave,” the group’s 2019 narrative.

Lil Jon is a serious area of strength for schooling, particularly for youngsters in immature nations without admittance to training.

He’s aided two schools in Ghana. The principal opened in October 2017 and is a Kindergarten. The second is a Grade School with in excess of 300 understudies.

Lil Jon Family

Lil Jon and his significant other Nicole Smith have headed out in a different direction.

The rapper, who was conceived by Jonathan Smith, uncovered his split with Smith while addressing XXL about his forthcoming intercession collection, All out Reflection, in February 2024.

A rep for the “Demonstration of Idiot” craftsman told Individuals, “Almost quite a while back, Lil Jon and his better half Nicole chose to isolate. This is a friendly part, and keeping in mind that Lil Jon is a well known person, his family matters will stay private as of now.”

The previous couple share one child, Nathan, who was brought into the world in 1998. They married six years after the fact and generally kept their long term relationship out of the spotlight.

From their big day to how their split motivated Lil Jon’s new reflection collection, here’s beginning and end to be aware of the rapper’s alienated spouse.

Lil Jon Career

Jermaine Dupri recruited Task to work at Not Terrible, but not great either Def Accounts. Jon was there from 1993 to 2000. In 1996, he shaped Lil Jon and The East Side Boyz.

The band’s most memorable single “Who U Mind?” is credited with making the subgenre of hip jump known as crunk. The band’s presentation collection, “Get Crunk, Who U Mind: Da Collection,” was delivered in 1997.

Alongside “Who U Mind?” the collection’s singles included “Shawty Oddity a Lil Sumthin.” In 2000, the gathering delivered “We Still Crunk!” The collection highlighted the single “I Like Dem Girlz.”

Lil Jon and The East Side Boyz delivered the collections “Put Yo Hood Up” in 2001, “Lords of Crunk” in 2002, and “Crunk Juice” in 2004. Lil Jon delivered the independent collection “Crunk Rock” in 2010.

Lil Jon has had various Top 10 Board Hot 100 singles including “Get Low,” “Freek-a-Leek,” and “Better believe it!” “No doubt!” won a Grammy Grant for Best Rap/Sung Execution.

Lil Jon and his companion Pitbull. teamed up with DJ Snake and delivered the multi-platinum hit, “Turn Down for What,” in 2013.

Lil Jon is as yet composing melodies with some explicitly for use in TV or potentially highlight films.

His film features incorporate Young ladies Outing (2017), Superfly (2018) alongside What was in store driven soundtrack, The Primary Cleanse (2018), and Spies in Camouflage (2019).

Lil Jon’s different advantages are shifted. He claims an organization that creates the caffeinated drink called “Crunk,” a line of Oakley shades, and a wine organization that produces Merlot, Chardonnay, and Cabernet Sauvignon.

Jon is an ally of previous President Barack Obama.

In 2018, Jon, alongside Executioner Mike and T.I., every one of whom moved on from Atlanta’s Frederick Douglass Secondary School, covered the costs for the secondary school’s walking band to head out to New Orleans to walk in the Mardi Gras march.

In November 2019, Lil Jon was confined in an air terminal in Vietnam after an exhibition at Saigon’s Jealousy Club.

On November 16, Jon and his escort went to the air terminal. Jon was wearing about $400,000 worth of bling and was kept because of the broad measure of gems he was wearing.

Specialists told Jon he ought to have announced all of the adornments when he entered and endeavored to leave the country. Jon immediately requested the U.S.

Consulate to be called and two representatives immediately got to the air terminal to fix what was happening.

Vietnamese specialists needed to hold his adornments to be assessed expertly, yet ultimately, let Jon and his gems go.

In June 2020, Jon joined the champ of the Baja 1000 rough terrain race, Alan Ampudia, for a drive around in his truck through the roads of Ensenada.

The two men securely wore head protectors.

In 2020, Jon took part in a virtual graduation function for the Class of 2020 in the L.A.

Bound together School Region with different famous people, including Ellen DeGeneres, Los Angeles Dodgers Chief Dave Roberts, Representative Kamala Harris, and Lead representative Gavin Newsom.

Lil Jon Relationship

Lil Jon has been hitched to his better half, Nicole Smith, beginning around 2004. They are the pleased guardians of one child, Nathan.

He emulated his dad’s example as an entertainer under the name DJ Youthful Slade.

While he will in general keep insights regarding his own life pretty private, Lil Jon focused on parenthood in an uncommon meeting.

“Nurturing resembles riding a bicycle,” he told HuffPost in May 2014.

“Someone can show you what to do, however until you get on the bicycle and begin riding it, you won’t sort it out.”


  1. Real Name: Jonathan H. Smith
  2. Stage Name: Lil Jon
  3. Date of Birth: January 17, 1971
  4. Age: 52 years
  5. Birthplace: Atlanta, Georgia, USA
  6. Net Worth: $30 million
  7. Salary: $150,000
  8. Annual Income: $3 million
  9. Profession: Rapper, songwriter, record producer, DJ
  10. Key Contributions: Popularized the Crunk genre
  11. Famous Tracks: “Get Low,” “Yeah!,” “Turn Down for What”
  12. Family: Married to Nicole Smith (separated), one son Nathan (DJ Young Slade)
  13. Philanthropy: Funded educational initiatives in Ghana
  14. Height: 1.6 meters (5 feet 5 inches)
  15. Notable Ventures: TV appearances, business ventures including a wine company and a line of sunglasses


Jonathan Smith, widely known as Lil Jon, is a prominent American rapper, musician, DJ, and record producer. Born on January 17, 1971, in Atlanta, Georgia, Lil Jon has significantly influenced the music industry, particularly through the Crunk genre. His energetic and distinctive vocal style, coupled with high-energy music, has made him a staple in the industry for over two decades. With a net worth of $30 million, Lil Jon’s earnings come from various sources, including music albums, shows, and appearances. Beyond his music career, he has made a mark in television and business ventures and is also known for his philanthropic efforts, particularly in education.


What is Lil Jon’s net worth?

Lil Jon’s net worth is $30 million.

How old is Lil Jon?

As of 2024, Lil Jon is 52 years old.

What is Lil Jon’s profession?

Lil Jon is a rapper, songwriter, record producer, and DJ.

What are some of Lil Jon’s famous songs?

Some of Lil Jon’s famous songs include “Get Low,” “Yeah!,” and “Turn Down for What.”

Has Lil Jon contributed to any philanthropic causes?

Yes, Lil Jon has funded educational projects in Ghana, including building a school.

Is Lil Jon married?

Lil Jon was married to Nicole Smith, but they separated in early 2024. They have one son, Nathan, who is also a DJ known as DJ Young Slade.

What are Lil Jon’s business ventures?

Lil Jon has ventured into various businesses, including a wine company, a line of sunglasses, and a caffeinated drink called “Crunk.”

What is Lil Jon’s height?

Lil Jon is 1.6 meters (5 feet 5 inches) tall.

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