What Mary Lee Harvey Is Up To After Divorce From Steve Harvey.


Mary Lee Harvey is an American make-up craftsman and creator. She is well known as the ex of Steve Harvey, a famous American TV character, comic, entertainer, essayist, and maker. Since her muddled separation from the comic, she has carried on with a calm life. All in all, where could she presently be? Did she remarry after her split from Steve?

Who is Mary Lee Harvey?

Mary Lee Harvey’s name may not be recognizable to many, but rather she was once hitched to one of the world’s most popular joke artists and TV has, Steve Harvey. As the second spouse of the Family Quarrel star, their separation was a blustery and dubious issue that was in the information for quite a while. Investigate insights regarding her life, her union with Steve Harvey, and the show that unfurled after their separation.

Mary Harvey became renowned for being Steve Harvey’s subsequent spouse. She is likewise the mother of Steve’s child, Wynton. Mary and Steve’s separation was chaotic and brought about Mary serving some time in jail in the wake of criticizing her ex’s standing. Anyway, what prompted their drop out, and where could she currently be?

Mary Lee Harvey Biography:

Mary Lee Harvey, considered Mary Shackelford, is the ex of Steve Harvey, a famous American television character, performer, performer, maker, and producer. Her birth took place in Arlington, Texas, on October 20, 1960. She was born under the sign of Libra and will be sixty-three years old starting in 2023.

Despite being hitched to a genius, Mary got a kick out of the chance to continue with a casual life and kept information about her childhood and watchmen private. Regardless, in a gathering, she uncovered that she encountered youth in a significant gathering of ten young people. She probably went to Delhi Auxiliary School for her optional school survey.

Mary Lee Harvey Wiki:

Full nameMary Lee Shackelford
Popularly known asMary Lee Harvey
Date of birth20 October 1960
Age63 years old (as of 2023)
Zodiac signLibra
Place of birthArlington, Texas, United States
Current residenceArlington, Texas, United States
Hair colorBlack
Eye colorDark brown
Height in centimeters170
Height in feet/inches5’7″
Weight in kilograms65
Weight in pounds143
Sexual orientationStraight
Marital statusDivorced
Ex-husbandSteve Harvey
OccupationMakeup artist
Net worth$500,000

Mary Lee Harvey Age:

As of July 2022, Mary Lee Harvey’s age is 61 years. She was brought into the world on 20 October 1960 and her zodiac sign is Libra.

Mary Lee Harvey Height:

Mary Lee Harvey is probably pretty much as tall as a developed lady, standing 5 feet 7 inches high. That resembles standing five rulers in length in addition to somewhat more on top. She weighs 143 pounds, however much a few major canines gauge! Her hair is dark, similar to the shade of the night sky without stars.

Her eyes are a most unfathomable brown, similar to the shade of chocolate. Along these lines, when you picture Mary, envision somebody who isn’t excessively tall and not excessively short, with hair as dull as 12 PM and eyes that help you to remember your #1 chocolate bar.

Mary Lee Harvey Personal life:

At certain times, she crossed paths with Steve, prompting her capture. She distributed a progression of YouTube recordings which didn’t agree with Steve. As indicated by a report delivered by his lawyer, the recordings were overly critical, deceiving and disparaging. As per Fox 4 News, she was captured for contempt of court in 2013.

Mary Lee Harvey Career:

Mary Lee Harvey began her work life right on time as a cosmetics craftsman. She has cherished cosmetics since she was a youngster. This adoration made her fantasy about working with cosmetics materialize. She didn’t simply play with cosmetics for no particular reason. She utilized it to make a profession.

Mary worked in a store that sold beauty care products. In this store, she puts cosmetics on individuals. She assisted them with putting their best self forward. Mary’s occupation was to guarantee every individual who came on her left side felt cheerful and lovely. She utilized brushes, varieties, and ability to change individuals’ appearance.

Mary finished this work after a long time. She turned out to be generally excellent at it. Individuals knew her for her expertise in making faces sparkle. Working in the corrective store was a major aspect of Mary’s responsibilities. She became famous as an expert cosmetics craftsman.

Mary Lee Harvey Net Worth:

Mary Lee Harvey has a supposed total assets of $500,000. After their separation, Steve paid her $40,000 month to month recompense as government assistance and changed care until Walk 2009. Around the same time, the TV character paid her $1.5 million. Moreover, she got three of Steve’s properties in the separation settlement.

Mary Lee Harvey Relationship:

The two met in 1989 in a club situated in Arlington Texas, US of America. They were from past relationships. After their most memorable experience, they dated for about seven years before at long last turning into a thing. Their wedding occurred in 1996.

A lot later, their marriage began to get sharp. Mary blamed Steve for disloyalty. In the wake of neglecting to settle their disparities, the ex-couple chose to head out in a different direction. Their separation was concluded in 2006 and Steve was conceded authority of their lone youngster. In a significant number of her meetings, Lee has referenced that Steve was going behind her back with Marjorie Extensions. The entertainer allegedly met her in 1990.

Mary Lee Harvey Divorce:

Mary Lee Harvey and Steve Harvey finished their marriage in the wake of being together for right around nine years. Before Mary, Steve had another spouse named Marcia Whitman. He and Marcia got a separation two years before he wedded Mary.

Mary and Steve’s experience as a couple was loaded up with numerous cheerful and miserable minutes. Yet, things didn’t remain something similar, and they decided to isolate. Their separation was made last on December 3, 2005. This was a massive change for the two of them.

Separations can be tested, which was the same for Mary and Steve. They needed to sort out some way to continue on from this piece of their lives. This choice was not just about them; they likewise contemplated their child, Wynton. Guaranteeing he was alright during this time was vital to Mary and Steve.

Mary Lee Harvey Social Media Presence:

Mary Lee Harvey is on the web, yet just like a couple of other celebrities. She keeps her web-based life a bit calm. This implies she doesn’t share all that she does day to day with the world. Mary could have a few pages on the web where individuals can see what she’s doing, yet she gets a kick out of the chance to keep things more hidden.

She utilizes the web to keep in contact with individuals she knows and offer what she loves or believes is fundamental. In any case, you won’t find her continuously chatting on sites where many individuals visit and offer pictures. Mary honestly thinks living in reality with her loved ones is more significant. Thus, in the event that you’re searching for Mary Lee Harvey on the web, recall that she jumps at the chance to keep it basic and calm.

Facts About Mary Lee Harvey:

  • Early Life and Career: Mary Lee Harvey, born Mary Shackelford on October 20, 1960, in Arlington, Texas, is primarily recognized for her association with Steve Harvey. She pursued a career as a makeup artist, starting from her early years, and excelled in this field.
  • Marriage and Divorce: Mary married Steve Harvey, a renowned television personality, in 1996 after dating for seven years. However, their marriage ended in a messy divorce in 2005, with accusations of infidelity on Steve’s part. The divorce settlement was notable, with Mary receiving a substantial amount in alimony and assets.
  • Legal Troubles: Mary Lee Harvey faced legal issues post-divorce, including accusations of defamation against Steve Harvey. She was arrested for contempt of court in 2013 due to her YouTube videos, which were deemed critical and defamatory by Steve’s legal team.
  • Social Media Presence: Mary Lee Harvey maintains a low-key presence on social media, preferring privacy over public attention. She uses online platforms sparingly to connect with friends and share personal updates, keeping her life relatively private.
  • Current Status: As of recent information, Mary Lee Harvey seems to lead a quiet life, away from the spotlight. Her net worth is estimated at $500,000, and while there’s limited information on her current activities, she appears to focus on personal pursuits away from public scrutiny.


Mary Lee Harvey, born on October 20, 1960, in Arlington, Texas, gained prominence as the ex-wife of Steve Harvey, a well-known television personality. Despite their messy divorce in 2005, which involved legal battles and accusations, Mary has maintained a relatively low profile. She pursued a career as a makeup artist and faced legal troubles post-divorce, including arrest for contempt of court. Mary prefers privacy and has a limited presence on social media. Her current endeavors and activities remain largely undisclosed.


What is Mary Lee Harvey’s net worth?

Mary Lee Harvey’s net worth is estimated to be $500,000, with a significant portion acquired from her divorce settlement with Steve Harvey.

Why was Mary Lee Harvey arrested?

Mary Lee Harvey was arrested for contempt of court in 2013 due to YouTube videos she published, which were deemed critical and defamatory towards Steve Harvey, her ex-husband.

Does Mary Lee Harvey have children?

Mary Lee Harvey has two children, one of whom is Wynton, her son with Steve Harvey.

What is Mary Lee Harvey’s career?

Mary Lee Harvey worked as a makeup artist, a passion she pursued from a young age. She gained recognition for her skills in this field.

Where is Mary Lee Harvey now?

As of recent information, Mary Lee Harvey leads a private life away from the public eye. Her current activities and endeavors are relatively undisclosed, but she seems to focus on personal pursuits.

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