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Maya Higa is an American preservationist, virtual diversion force to be reckoned with, and Jerk star who is remarkable for her fiery work in normal life rebuilding and her enchanting electronic person on stages like YouTube and Twitch.Maya was brought into the world on May 24, 1998, and her overpowering person and relentless commitment to biological security have persuaded her groups all over the planet. By conquering any boundary among individuals and the amazing marvels of nature, she wants to drive others to join her in safeguarding our planet’s uncommon surroundings.

Who is Maya Higa’s new boyfriend?

No, Maya isn’t hitched at this moment. The beguiling 24-year-old Jerk celebrity is correct now blissfully unattached and zeroing in on her work. 

Anyone adequately fortunate to be Maya’s accessory would have the choice to participate in her captivating nature. Maya had made a couple of signs about dating someone else on her YouTube channel around a month earlier, which lighted a couple of questions. 

For sure, even while Maya hasn’t been seen out straightforwardly with one more logical accessory, she deduced to her group that she could go on several dates. She made sense of that they aren’t as of now dating exclusively. 

Regardless of the way that Maya is content being single, she hasn’t blocked the chance of dating again from this point forward. She is at this point totally revolved around pursuing and figuring out her dreams. Maya has moreover been extremely involved.

Who Is Maya Higa?

Prestigious for her astonishing work as a falconer, creature rehabilitator, and serious progressive, Maya Higa is a genuine power of nature. Maya, who was brought into the world on May 24, 1998, enthralls watchers on sites like Jerk and YouTube by catching the charm of the outside. Maya’s Alveus Safe-haven, which is concealed in the focal point of Austin, Texas, is a recognition for her unrelenting commitment to safeguarding nature’s fortunes and fills in as a light of expectation for uncommon and extraordinary wildlife.

Dreams materialize in Maya’s safe-haven, where creatures of all sizes and shapes track down solace and care under her cautious oversight. Maya charms audience members all over the world by means of the advanced circle. She skillfully joins truth and fiction to recount protection on her charming digital recording, The Preservation Cast. 

Higa’s process started on May 24, 1998, in the rich environmental elements of Hilo, Hawaii, under the enthusiastic indication of Gemini. In light of her childhood in a home that embraced solid Christian qualities, Maya fostered an early love of nature.Although the personalities and occupations of her folks are as yet unclear, Maya grew up with her sister Erica Higa and a sibling whose character is at this point unclear. 

It’s quite important that Maya is likewise connected with the famous YouTube comic and entertainer, Ryan Higa, in spite of the fact that their definite family association remains undefined.From her high school years, Maya felt a calling toward natural life preservation and recovery, lighting an energy that would profoundly impact her life’s way. 

At first dunking her toes into the universe of demonstrating at only thirteen, Maya before long tracked down her actual voice via virtual entertainment, where she constructed a dedicated following, especially among young ladies.

Maya Higa Biography

Maya Higa was brought up in a Christian home in the midst of the stunning view of Hilo, Hawaii, which imparted in her a solid enthusiasm for the regular world.Maya had an ideal childhood, encompassed by the marvels of nature, along with her sister Erica and a unidentified sibling. 

Despite the fact that she had barely any insight into her folks’ personality or profession, Maya had an unquestionable bond with nature since early on. She originally fiddled with displaying as a teen prior to leaving on her way into the fields of virtual entertainment and protection. 

Notwithstanding, Maya immediately found that the protection and reclamation of natural life was her genuine energy. Maya’s infectious magnetism assisted her with promptly acquiring a dedicated fan base.


Real NameMaya Higa
Nick NameMaya
Famous AsTwitch Star, Social Media Star
Age22 years old
BirthdayMay 24, 1998
BirthplaceUnited States
Birth SignGemini
HeightApprox. 5 ft 5 in (1.65 m)
WeightApprox. 55 kg (121 lbs)
Body MeasurementsApprox. 34-26-39 inches
Bra Cup Size33 C
Eye ColorDark Brown
Hair ColorBlack
Shoe Size5 (US)
BoyfriendMatthew Rinaudo
Net WorthApprox. $2 million (USD)

Maya Higa Education

Maya hasn’t precisely shared a great deal of about her optional school knowledge, but there’s some buzz floating around suggesting that she has solid preparation establishment and might have gone to California Polytechnic State School. Preceding bouncing into the universe of Jerk, Maya was by then causing aggravations in the showing scene, getting rolling right off the bat in existence of 13. 

She hustled through two or three showing gigs, fostering her fan base on the way. Her outing into Jerk started as a casual observer. Back in 2019, she unintentionally tracked down the stage while investing energy with sidekicks. Entranced, she made a record at first to drop comments on her mates’ live streams. 

Nonetheless, soon enough, individuals saw her bubbly person and those solid vocals she’d been showing on Instagram. Enabled by her pals, Maya decided to bet everything and show off her allure on Jerk, and the rest, as it’s been said, is history.

Maya Higa Age 

Brought into the world on May 24, 1998, Maya Higa overflows an irresistible energy and a friendship for nature in all she does. She is truly a splendid light. Maya overflows a fiery lavishness and a strong internal compass even at 22 years of age.

Maya Higa Height 

Maya Higa is a modest individual, staying at around 5 feet 5 inches (1.65 meters), but she is outstanding in every perspective due to her lively person and commitment to untamed life security.

Maya Higa Personal Life 

In the field of regular life confirmation, Maya Higa has a couple of covers, from ace falconer to committed untamed life rehabilitator. Her warmth for the ordinary world is clear in all she does, even in her circumstance as a Jerk broadcaster where she shows her watchers regular security and animal government help. Maya manages the Alveus Place of refuge in Austin, Texas, which offers a safeguarded cover for animals in really bad shape, despite her web presence.

In terms of individual life, Maya is unmarried the present moment and is totally committed to working with her work in conservation and her work. She had as of late dated Matthew Rinaudo, a singular Jerk character, yet their relationship completed in 2021. Maya drives forward despite the high points and low points in her own life.

Maya Higa Family

Maya Higa experienced youth in the captivating town of Hilo, Hawaii, USA, circumnavigated by the island’s staggering scenery.She has a kin whose name is dark and a tight relationship with her sister, Erica Higa. 

It’s captivating to observe that Maya is associated with notable YouTube comedian and performer Ryan Higa, however the nuances of their relationship aren’t figured out in the materials that are by and by open. 

There are little bits of knowledge about Maya’s people, for instance, their names and occupations, hence a lot of her family parentage is dark. No matter what the lack of nuances, Maya’s life as a youth in Hawaii certainly influenced the improvement of her strong bond with the typical world and her friendship for defending species.

Maya Higa Career

Maya Higa started her exhibiting calling at thirteen years of age, tinkering with the universe of remarkableness and fashion.She started taking on brief positions, yet after a short time observed that the region was enticing. Maya persuaded 8.5 million committed fans generally through her occupation, by far most of them were young ladies who were moved by her tastefulness and instinct with regards to fashion. 

Her allure and capacity swayed countless hearts over time.Maya made the decision to open up another redirect on Jerk in April 2019. 

By wandering into the universe of live streaming, she had the choice to convey her innovativeness and spread out a more critical relationship with her group. She knew nothing about that this choice would present a completely exhilarating new segment in her life.

Maya Higa Net Worth

Maya Higa’s unmistakable complete resources remains confidential, adding a nature important to her by and large captivating persona. Well known for her enchanting figure, Maya has an undying wonder separate by perfect skin and striking features. Her allure connects past her genuine appearance, as she emanates sureness and allure in all that she does.Young women in general regard Maya, duplicating her eating routine and everyday timetables with serious dedication. Maintained by an unflinching fanbase, Maya gets satisfactory thought from admirers, both male and female.In January 2023, projections set Maya’s complete resources at a critical total outperforming $2 million (USD), a show of her flourishing and influence in the electronic space.

Maya’s Background

Maya Higa entered this world on May 24, 1998, in the lovely town of Hilo, Hawaii, USA. Being a Gemini, she brings the allure and interest that the zodiac sign is known for.

Growing up in a Christian family, Maya encouraged a deep rooted appreciation for family values and faith.While her ethnic establishment is a superb blend of social orders, her heart beats for her American identity. In the luxurious scenes of Hawaii, Maya granted her life as a youngster to her sister, Erica Higa, and a kin whose name remains a mystery.

Among the Higa family, Maya isn’t the only one causing aggravations; she confers a novel relationship with the prominent YouTube comedian and performer, Ryan Higa.Despite their qualification, Maya’s family likes to remain unnoticed, and not much is known about her people’s occupations or characters.



Maya Higa is an American conservationist, social media influencer, and Twitch star known for her work in wildlife rehabilitation and her captivating online presence.


Maya was born on May 24, 1998, in the United States.

Career Highlights: 

Maya’s journey into the digital sphere began in April 2019 when she started streaming on Twitch, showcasing her passion for wildlife and conservation. She gained fame for her work as a falconer, wildlife rehabilitator, and advocate for environmental causes.

Alveus Sanctuary: 

Maya established the Alveus Sanctuary in Austin, Texas, as a safe haven for rare and exotic wildlife, demonstrating her unwavering dedication to protecting nature’s treasures.


Maya hosts “The Conservation Cast,” a podcast where she combines fact and fiction to tell stories about conservation, captivating listeners worldwide.


Maya grew up in Hilo, Hawaii, with her sister Erica Higa and a brother whose identity remains unknown. She is also related to YouTube comedian and actor Ryan Higa, although the details of their family connection are undefined.


Maya was previously in a relationship with fellow Twitch personality Matthew Rinaudo, known as Mizkif. However, they announced their split in 2021, and Maya has since remained focused on her career and conservation efforts.


Maya Higa, brought into the world on May 24, 1998, in the US, is an unquestionable figure in untamed life protection and virtual amusement. Her work as a falconer, animal rehabilitator, and advocate for biological causes has accumulated her a gigantic following on stages like Jerk and YouTube. 

Maya’s obligation to shielding nature’s fortunes is evident in her groundwork of the Alveus Place of refuge in Austin, Texas, where unprecedented and bright untamed life track down cover. 

Through her webcast, “The Security Cast,” Maya trains and spurs crowd individuals about conservation attempts all over the planet. No matter what her previous relationship with Matthew Rinaudo, Maya stays focused in on her occupation and security work.


What is Maya Higa known for?

Maya Higa is known for her work as a conservationist, social media influencer, and Twitch star, particularly for her efforts in wildlife rehabilitation and her captivating online presence.

Where was Maya Higa born?

Maya Higa was born in the United States on May 24, 1998.

What is Maya Higa’s career highlight?

Maya’s career highlight includes establishing the Alveus Sanctuary in Austin, Texas, as a safe haven for rare and exotic wildlife, showcasing her dedication to protecting nature’s treasures.

Who is Maya Higa related to?

Maya is related to YouTube comedian and actor Ryan Higa, although the specifics of their family connection are undefined.

Is Maya Higa currently in a relationship?

No, Maya Higa announced her split from fellow Twitch personality Matthew Rinaudo in 2021 and has since remained focused on her career and conservation efforts.

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