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Pedro Tovar hails from the U.S., with strong ties to Mexican heritage, and he’s renowned as the frontman and co-creator of Eslabón Armado, a band deeply rooted in regional Mexican music. Originally hailing from Los Angeles, Pedro, along with his brother Brian and their friend Gabriel, formed the trio during their teenage years. Their talent caught the attention of audiences on platforms like YouTube and TikTok, eventually leading them to a deal with DEL Records. Beyond his vocal prowess, Pedro is a multi-talented artist, contributing as a musician, composer, and influencer across social media platforms. His diverse skills have played a pivotal role in the rise of Eslabón Armado, as he’s involved in co-producing tracks and showcasing his musical aptitude.

Pedro Tovar Height 

 5 feet 5 inches

Pedro Tovar, referred to for his jobs as a vocalist, lyricist, maker, and virtual entertainment powerhouse, at first rose to noticeable quality close to his sibling and companion through their common process on TikTok and YouTube. Together, they formed the band Eslabón Armado, pleasing fans with their live exhibitions. As the band’s entertainer, Pedro contributed essentially to their prosperity, making hit tunes, for example, “Ella Baila Sola,” which bested diagrams in 2023. However, despite his contributions, Pedro was dissatisfied when the Mexican singer/rapper Peso Pluma was the only member of the band to perform on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. 

As a result, Pedro felt ignored and unappreciated. Pedro Tovar continues to excel in his many roles within Eslabón Armado and the music industry as a whole despite this setback. His abilities as a singer and songwriter are undeniable, and his contributions contributed significantly to the band’s success. While snapshots of disillusionment might emerge, Pedro’s energy for music and commitment to his specialty stay immovable, driving him forward as he keeps on enamoring crowds both on and off the stage. Pedro Tovar exemplifies the enduring spirit of creativity and perseverance in the face of difficulties through his tenacity and dedication.

Who is Pedro Tovar?

American artist Pedro Tovar Jr. is well-known for his work as a singer, composer, and social media influencer. His career in the music industry changed dramatically in 2017 when he joined the esteemed band Eslabón Armado. From then on, Pedro has been an integral part of the group, bringing his own flair and energy to their musical endeavors.

Due to his moving vocals and sincere lyrics, Pedro Tovar Jr. has left an indelible mark on the music scene as a singer and songwriter. Past his melodic capacities, Pedro’s virtual entertainment presence has empowered him to interface with fans from one side of the planet to the other, share looks at his life and workmanship, and develop a committed following.Through his devotion to his art and his real association with fans, Pedro keeps on sparkling as both a performer and a dearest figure in the computerized circle.

Pedro Tovar Height and How tall is Pedro Tovar?

Pedro Tovar stands five feet five inches tall, or 165 cm. Although some may feel they tower over Pedro, his height has never stopped him from commanding attention on stage or captivating listeners with his music.Instead, what really makes him a standout figure in the music industry is his passion, talent, and unwavering dedication. 

Those who have the opportunity to enjoy Pedro Tovar’s performances are left with a lasting impression despite his diminutive height. Despite his small stature, he has a huge impact, demonstrating that true talent has no bounds when it comes to using music to touch people’s hearts and minds.

Pedro Tovar Biography

Pedro Tovar, born on July 22, 2002, hails from Los Angeles and has made waves in the regional Mexican music scene. Growing up alongside his brother Brian, music was a central part of their lives, with Pedro mastering guitar, bass guitar, and drums. Within Eslabón Armado, Pedro not only co-produced their tracks but also played a pivotal role in crafting their distinctive sound. His musical influences stem from ranchera and norteño genres, deeply rooted in his family background. While details about his education are scarce, he’s currently navigating his third year of high school, demonstrating his ability to balance both academic pursuits and his passion for music.

Pedro Tovar Wiki

Full NamePedro Tovar Jr.
Date of BirthJuly 22, 2002
Pedro Tovar Age 21 years (as of 2023)
Zodiac SignCancer
Place of BirthBay Area, California, United States
Current ResidencePatterson, California, United States
Pedro Tovar Height5’5” (165 cm)
Pedro Tovar Weight132 lbs. (60 kg)
Hair ColourDark brown
Eye ColourBrown
FatherPedro Tovar
MotherNelida Osegueraea
Marital StatusMarried
ProfessionSinger, songwriter, social media personality
Pedro Tovar Net Worth$400,000

Early Life & Education

Pedro Tovar was born on July 22, 2002, right in the heart of California, amidst the warmth of his close-knit Latin-American family. Growing up, he was inseparable from his brother, Brian Tovar, the master of the bass guitar in their band. Together, they delved into the world of Rancheras and Norteno music, creating melodies from a young age.

As for Pedro’s educational journey and credentials, that’s a bit of a mystery. All we know is that he’s currently navigating his senior year of high school. But don’t mistake him for just another student buried in textbooks all day. Pedro possesses serious talent as both a singer and guitarist, and how he cultivated those skills remains a story yet to be fully unveiled. Nonetheless, Pedro’s undeniable musical prowess speaks volumes about his dedication and ambition in the music industry.

Pedro Tovar Age

On July 22, 2002, Pedro Angel Tovar Jr. came into the world, making him 21 years old now. He’s a rising star in the American music scene, overflowing with energetic energy and potential.

Rise to Fame

Pedro Tovar is more than just a pretty face — he’s a talented lyricist and co-creator, boasting an impressive collection of nine killer tracks. You’ve probably found yourself grooving to hits like “Con Tus Besos,” “La Mejor de Todas,” “Mi Vicio,” and “Me Prendes.” Talk about tunes that stick with you!

Now, let’s dive into their signature sound. Pedro’s band draws inspiration from the rich tapestry of Mexican music, and he’s the creative force behind most of their tracks. Their debut album, released in 2020, was an instant hit, soaring to no. 18 on the Top 200 Albums in Regional Music from Mexico and Latin America. And here’s the kicker — Pedro even clinched the coveted top spot on the Billboard Latin Artist chart. Not too shabby for a debut, right?

They didn’t, however, take it easy. With their catchy sounds, their sophomore album “Corta Venas” dominated the charts, maintaining the trend.Even after their third member parted ways, Pedro and his brother kept the flame burning, forming a dynamic duo that has shaken up the music scene.

In 2021, they teamed up with Ulices Chaidez on the smash hit single “Te Encontre,” and dropped several original tracks like “Lamento Boliviano” and “Entre La Lumbre.” And to top it all off, they snagged the coveted Billboard Music Award for Top Latin/Duo group — a well-deserved win for this unstoppable pair.

And let’s not forget their latest masterpiece, “Te Veneno Mortal Vol 2,” which skyrocketed to no. 5 on the Latin music charts, solidifying Pedro and his brother’s status as rockin’ rollers in the music industry.

Pedro Tovar Career

Brian and Pedro Tovar’s melodic excursion follows back to the impact of their folks, whose mixed desire for music lighted an enthusiasm inside the siblings from early on. Enlivened by the tunes and rhythms they grew up paying attention to, Brian and Pedro, alongside their dear companion Gabriel Hidalgo, left on a melodic experience. In 2017, filled by their common love for music, the triplet framed the Eslabón Armado band, denoting the start of a surprising section in their lives. 

Eslabón Armado quickly became popular after they formed, captivating audiences with their energetic performances and contagious energy. Brian, Pedro, and Gabriel began sharing their live performances using the power of social media on sites like YouTube and TikTok, gaining widespread recognition and laying the groundwork for their rise in the music industry. Through their cooperative endeavors and enduring commitment, the Tovar siblings and Gabriel Hidalgo have changed their common dream into the real world, making a permanent imprint on the hearts of fans all over the planet.

The Eslabón Armado Band’s Awards

Pedro Tovar’s band, Eslabón Armado, has been recognized with nearly 60 award nominations, primarily from prestigious ceremonies like the Billboard Music Awards, Billboard Latin Music Awards, and Latin American Music Awards. From 2021 to November 2023, they have secured an impressive 15 awards.

Billboard Music Awards2021Top Latin Duo/Group
Billboard Music Awards2021Duo/Group Top Latin Albums Artist of the Year
Billboard Music Awards2021Regional Mexican Album of the Year
Latin American Music Awards2021Favorite Duo or Group
Latin American Music Awards2021Favorite Regional Mexican Duo or Group
Billboard Music Awards2022Top Latin Duo/Group
Billboard Music Awards2022Top Latin Albums Artist of the Year, Duo/Group
Billboard Music Awards2022Regional Mexican Artist of the Year, Duo or Group
iHeartRadio Music Awards2022Regional Mexican Album of the Year
Premios Juventud2023Best Regional Mexican Song
Premios Tu Música Urbano2023Top Artist – Regional Mexican Urban
Billboard Music Awards2023Hot Latin Song of the Year, Vocal Event
Billboard Music Awards2023Streaming Song of the Year
Billboard Music Awards2023Regional Mexican Song of the Year
Billboard Music Awards2023Hot Latin Song of the Year

Pedro Tovar Net Worth

Pedro Tovar has accumulated around $400,000 in his bank account as of 2024. Despite being relatively young, he has already attained great success. He earned his money by songwriting, singing, and playing a crucial part in Eslabón Armado. Pedro, however, is enjoying the results of his effort with pleasures like a fine car and a large home; it’s not just about the money.  Life is certainly treating him well.

Pedro Tovar Personal Life

Pedro Tovar Jr. is a well-known American musician, singer, and major player in the online entertainment space. When he joined the well-known band Eslabón Armado in 2017, his musical path underwent a significant adjustment.Pedro Tovar Jr., a singer and composer, has captivated listeners with his passionate voice and sympathetic lyrics, leaving a lasting impact in the music business.From that point on, Pedro’s playing significantly contributed to the group’s melodic endeavors by bringing his own energy and flair into the mix.

As they leave on this new period of their excursion, enclosed by the adoration for their darlings, their marriage turns into an upbeat tribute to cherish, concordance, and common profound respect. Through life’s pinnacles and valleys, they commit to stand unfalteringly by one another’s side, ready to defy anything that difficulties might emerge, floated by the persevering through strength of their affection and the commitment of a future enlightened by shared yearnings and loved minutes.

Pedro Tovar Family

Pedro Tovar hails from a close-knit Latin household in California, USA. Raised alongside his brother Brian, music found its way into their lives from a young age. While details about his parents remain sparse, it’s evident that they left a significant imprint on Pedro’s musical sensibilities. Growing up within such a supportive family likely greatly influenced his career trajectory and passion for music.

Pedro Tovar Social Media

In addition to his music pursuits, Pedro engages his audience with lip-syncing, dancing, and comedic content on his TikTok account, boasting 963K followers and 18.9 million likes at present.

In addition, he co-manages the YouTube channel Eslabón Armado with his brother, which was founded in 2019 and has amassed 2.55 million members so far.

Pedro has a substantial social media following on Instagram, with over 1.2 million followers.

Meanwhile, his Twitter account boasts over 4.7K followers.

Facts about Pedro Tovar:

  • Birth: Pedro Tovar Jr. was born on July 22, 2002, in Bay Area, California, United States.
  • Career: He rose to prominence as the frontman and co-creator of Eslabón Armado, a band deeply rooted in regional Mexican music.
  • Talent: Pedro is a versatile artist, excelling as a singer, songwriter, musician, and social media influencer.
  • Height: Pedro Tovar stands at 5 feet 5 inches tall (165 cm).
  • Family: He was raised alongside his brother Brian in a close-knit Latin household, where music played a significant role.
  • Net Worth: As of 2024, Pedro Tovar’s net worth is estimated to be around $400,000, earned through his music career and social media presence.
  • Recognition: Pedro’s band, Eslabón Armado, has received numerous award nominations and wins, including several Billboard Music Awards and Latin American Music Awards.
  • Social Media: Pedro is active on platforms like TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube, where he engages with his audience and shares content related to music and entertainment.


Pedro Tovar, born in 2002 in California, is a prominent figure in the regional Mexican music scene. He gained fame as the frontman of Eslabón Armado, along with his brother Brian and friend Gabriel. Pedro’s talent as a singer, songwriter, and musician has propelled the band to success, with hit tracks like “Ella Baila Sola” and “Con Tus Besos.” Despite facing setbacks, Pedro remains dedicated to his craft, balancing his music career with his education. He has a strong presence on social media, where he connects with fans and shares glimpses of his life and artistry.

FAQ about Pedro Tovar:

What is Pedro Tovar’s height?

Pedro Tovar stands at 5 feet 5 inches tall (165 cm).

What is Pedro Tovar’s net worth?

As of 2024, Pedro Tovar’s net worth is estimated to be around $400,000.

What awards has Pedro Tovar’s band, Eslabón Armado, won?

Eslabón Armado has won multiple awards, including Billboard Music Awards, Latin American Music Awards, and more. They have received recognition for their contributions to the regional Mexican music genre.

What is Pedro Tovar’s career outside of music?

Aside from his music career, Pedro is also active on social media platforms like TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube, where he shares content and engages with his audience.

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