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What is Randy Quaid’s Net Worth and Salary?

Randy Quaid is an American entertainer who has a total assets of – $1 million. Known for his flexible acting style, Randy Quaid has showed up in various eminent movies throughout the long term.

Quaid is likewise a laid out TV entertainer and a gifted voice entertainer. What’s more, he has showed up in different theater creations.

Throughout the span of his profession, Randy Quaid has been named for a few honors, including Emmys and Foundation Grants.

Early Life

Randy Randall Rudy Quaid was brought into the world on October first of 1950 in Houston, Texas. He was brought up in Bellaire, Texas, close by his more youthful sibling Dennis Quaid, who likewise grew up to turn into an entertainer.

He initially began acting in secondary school, and promptly became energetic about the creative pursuit.

Before sufficiently long, he concluded that he would go for the gold time vocation as an entertainer, and he concentrated on show at the College of Houston.


While learning at the College of Houston, his theatrics educator sent him to a tryout for the film The Last Picture Show.

Randy Quaid booked the job and formally started his vocation as a film entertainer. He circled back to jobs in movies like What’s Up, Doc? what’s more, Paper Moon.

He originally acquired boundless consideration in the wake of showing up in the film The Last Detail and was named for a Foundation Grant for Best Supporting Entertainer. What’s more, he was named for a Brilliant Globe Grant and a BAFTA Grant.

Throughout the following period, the now-laid out Quaid showed up in films like The Missouri Breaks, 12 PM Express, Breakout, Martians Return Home, Goya’s Phantoms, and Cold Canine Soup.

In 1987, Quaid won a Brilliant Globe subsequent to depicting President Lyndon B. Johnson in the TV film LBJ: The Early Years.

During the 90s, Quaid showed up in films like Head honcho, Autonomy Day, Speedy Change, and began showing up in the Public Parody’s Excursion film series.

In 2004, he voiced a lead character in the energized film Home on the Reach. In 2005, he booked a significant job in the film Brokeback Mountain.

Randy Quaid has showed up in different Programs throughout the span of his vocation, including Saturday Night Live, the miniseries Elvis, The Ren and Stimpy Show, and Texas Farm House.

Furthermore, Quaid has a long history of featuring in significant dramatic creations, including Sam Shepard’s Actual West and The Lord of Misery.


Randy Quaid’s most memorable marriage was to Ella Marie Carefree, a previous model. They were marry in 1980 and had one kid together prior to separating in 1989. Randy then, at that point, promptly wedded Evi Motolanez, whom he met in 1987 on a film set.

Controversy and Legal Issues

Randy Quaid’s life has been very turbulent, and the wild ride started around the 90s. Not long after the wedding of his second spouse Evi, Quaid started talking about a paranoid fear including a criminal undertaking that was taking his cash.

He expressed that this strange gathering set up a trust reserve in his name and started diverting fences that properly had a place with him.

In 2005, Randy Quaid sued the makers of Brokeback Mountain for $10 million, guaranteeing they had compensated him fairly beneath the market rate in the wake of deluding him.

As per Quaid, the makers told Randy that Brokeback Mountain was a little, free creation with no genuine desire for bringing in cash.

The film earned $178 million and apparently left Quaid feeling somewhat controlled.

Afterward, Randy Quaid was prohibited from the Entertainer’s Value Association and fined for $81,000 after a progression of odd occasions during practices for Solitary Star Love, a Broadway melodic.

Reports surfaced that recommended Evi had been bothering the makers and cast by sending discourteous, express, and undermining messages. It was additionally asserted that Quaid had been obnoxiously and actually harmful to different entertainers and creation staff.

Nonetheless, a few reports propose that the makers made a move against Quaid to deny him of his legally binding right to take part in the inventive flow.

Things truly began to get serious when Evi and Randy were captured in 2009 subsequent to neglecting to cover a $10,000 bill at a St Nick Barbara lodging.

They left the inn without paying and were accordingly captured and accused of extortion. Despite the fact that Evi was found liable, Randy’s case was excused because of an absence of proof.

During this period, Randy and Evi oftentimes missed court appearances, avoided bail, and had warrants given for their captures.

The media paid heed, and Randy Quaid’s standing as an entertainer endured. Ultimately, they were found crouching in a guesthouse of a property they once claimed.

With all due respect, Randy Quaid contended that the property had never really been sold and that his mark was fashioned during the exchange.

The new proprietor of the property had the pair captured subsequent to finding that they had caused $30,000 in punitive fees to the property.

By and by, Randy and Evi chose to avoid bail and miss their trials, however this time they escaped the country and applied for refuge in Canada.

It was during this time that they began voicing their feelings of dread about a criminal venture called the “Star Wackers.” As per Randy and Evi, this gathering had been liable for the passing of Heath Record, among different famous people.

Despite the fact that Evi was allowed Canadian citizenship in 2011 because of her family legacy, Randy’s application for long-lasting occupant status was denied.

The pair sued the State Office for denying their identifications, yet they would before long be compelled to get back to the US and have to deal with their old crime penalties. Canada at last chose to expel the couple.

Clearly, the not entirely settled to get the best of the Canadian government, as they drove across the boundary into Vermont in 2015.

They were quickly secured and shipped off isolated restorative offices, with bail set at $500,000 each.

The supposition that was that they’d be sent back to California to have to deal with their penalties, however a Vermont judge found inconsistencies with their case and invalidated the removal request.

In a later press proclamation, Randy Quaid’s legal counselor expressed that a California judge had initially given a capture warrant before the supposed wrongdoing occurred.

Randy and Evi then, at that point, chose to make Vermont their home, as the state allowed the couple to remain without any circumstances.

Despite the fact that it was accepted that they’d confront capture assuming they left Vermont, the Quaids made a trip to California in 2017 and no move was initiated against them.

Impressive Body of Work

Quaid made his presentation in 1971 and has since showed up in various films and shows. His noteworthy group of work has procured him various honors and selections, hardening his status as a regarded entertainer.

A portion of his eminent works incorporate “The Last Detail,” “12 PM Express,” “LBJ: The Early Years,” “Elvis,” “The Trolley Named Want,” and some more.

Quaid has been respected with a Brilliant Globe and a few other renowned honors all through his vocation.

Versatility and Recognition

Known for his excellent acting abilities, Randy Quaid has enthralled crowds on both the big screen and TV.

Throughout recent years, he has dealt with a wide cluster of ventures, exhibiting his flexibility as an entertainer.

Aside from his acting profession, Quaid has additionally fiddled with music and has been effectively associated with legislative issues. At present, he has a total assets of $2 million.

Personal Life and Assets

Randy Quaid possesses a delightful house in California and has been spotted driving vehicles like Passage, Toyota, and Land Wanderer.

He experienced childhood in Houston, Texas, with his family and found his energy for acting very early on. 

He is at present hitched to Evi Mototlanez starting around 1989 and has a little girl from his past marriage.

Notable Works and Critical Acclaim

Some of Randy Quaid’s most perceived motion pictures incorporate “Public Parody’s Christmas Excursion,” “Boss,” “Vegas Get-away,” “The Last Detail,” and “Brokeback Mountain,” among others. His ability and flexibility as an entertainer have procured him a committed fan base and basic praise.

Unwavering Passion for Acting

Albeit web-based entertainment stages like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook have become necessary for some famous people, Randy Quaid has decided not to be dynamic on these stages. Notwithstanding his nonattendance from online entertainment, Quaid keeps on dazzling crowds with his extraordinary acting abilities and relentless enthusiasm for his specialty.


  1. Randy Quaid’s net worth is estimated to be -$1 million, primarily due to legal issues and financial troubles.
  2. He has appeared in numerous films, TV shows, and theater productions throughout his career.
  3. Quaid has been nominated for several awards, including Emmys and Academy Awards.


Randy Quaid, born in 1950 in Houston, Texas, began his acting career while studying at the University of Houston. His breakout role came in the film “The Last Detail,” which earned him critical acclaim and award nominations. Quaid’s career has been marked by versatility, with roles in films like “Brokeback Mountain” and TV shows like “Saturday Night Live.” Despite his success, Quaid has faced legal issues and financial troubles, leading to a negative net worth.


What is Randy Quaid’s current net worth?

Randy Quaid’s net worth is estimated to be -$1 million.

What has Randy Quaid been nominated for?

Randy Quaid has been nominated for Emmys and Academy Awards for his acting performances.

What are some of Randy Quaid’s notable works?

Some of Randy Quaid’s notable works include “The Last Detail,” “Brokeback Mountain,” and “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation.”

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