Surviving Against All Odds: The Ashley Reeves Story And More

Who is Ashley Reeves? 

Ashley is an unmistakable American woman who went through a movement of chilling events. She was brought into the world on the principal January 1983 in Belleville, Illinois, US. Her people are Tracy Green Koenig and Michelle Reeves. 

Does Ashley have any family? She has two additional young family, Madison Koenig and Daniel Koenig. She holds an American personality and a Caucasian-white ethnic establishment. She went to Columbia Optional School.


Full NameAshley Reeves
Date of Birth1st January 1983
Age41 years old
Zodiac SignCapricorn
Place of BirthBelleville, Illinois, USA
Current ResidenceBelleville, Illinois, USA
Height (feet)5’ 7’’
Height (cm)170
Weight (lbs)143
Weight (kg)65
Shoe Size (US)6
Hair ColourBrown
Eye ColourBlue
MotherTracy Green Koenig
FatherMichelle Reeves
SiblingsTwo (Madison Koenig and Daniel Koenig)
Relationship StatusMarried
SchoolColumbia High School
ProfessionVolunteer at a violence prevention centre
Famous forBeing an attempted murder victim

What happened to Ashley Reeves? 

Ashley stood apart as really newsworthy in 2006 ensuing to getting through a deadly tried murder by Samson Shelton. Sam was a specialist grappler, practice focus instructor, and optional educator. Ashley branched out from home on 27th April 2006 at around 3:30 pm. 

Notwithstanding the way that she wanted to see her past instructor, she told her people and darling that she would go for a planned representative gathering and later take care of business. She promised to be back before her time limit at 10:00 pm. As the night progressed and she was not a single spot to be seen, her people declared her absent, resulting to failing to answer any calls or messages, which was not typical for her. 

From the get go, her then-lover was the principal suspect, but upon extra assessment and tending to, proof embroiled Sam Shelton. Sam and Ashley apparently met in auxiliary school, and their opinion blossomed. Before the chilling event, the instructor fooled her into going to his place by faking a stomach upset. Following snoozing together, the teacher had a go at heading out in different directions from her while driving. Tragically, things began getting repulsive as Ashley had none of it. 

From his recorded attestation, Sam loosened Ashley’s seat strap and endeavored to release her from the moving vehicle. He heard her neck pop and her body go limp. Sam conveyed her into a lavish locale in a nearby city park to make the trickiness that Ashley got stifled there. A while later, the vehicle she was driving in was found abandoned in Laderman Park in Belleville. 

The backpack containing her b-ball gear was at this point flawless. After a movement of searches, she was finally found lying on her back in the freezing soil. Regardless of the way that she was in a frantic situation, Ashley was at this point alive. She was rushed into the facility, where the experts in a brief moment set her into a provoked obviousness since they expected that the internal injuries would make her debilitated.

Is Ashley Reeves married? 

It is asserted that she is hitched anyway has chosen to get the experiences with respect to her associate a long way from the spotlight. While some acknowledge Ashley Reeves married Jeremy Smith, this hasn’t been attested. During the appalling event, Ashley was engaged with Jeremy Smith. The group had been together for more than two years. 

They had a serious relationship as she had familiar him with her people, who delighted in him. Neither Jeremy nor Ashley’s people understand that she was participating in extramarital relations with her past seventh grade teacher. 

After the cheating and tried murder trouble, Jeremy finally headed out in different directions from Ashley. A short time later, the then 18-year-old had another associate who was probably a year more prepared than her. In spite of the way that there are no bits of knowledge concerning him, the man is acknowledged to be Ashley Reeves’ soul mate.

Ashley Reeves’ book and films 

In 2009, Ashely circulated her certifiable storybook, Left for the Dead, determining the terrible trouble. A short time later, a film named Left for Dead: The Ashley Reeves Story was conveyed. The book and film depict the story of a woman who expected to fight for her life triple:

Where is Ashley Reeves now? 

Today, she contributes at a ruthlessness neutralization center in Illinois. Besides, she has a consistent occupation with two children, who are her wellspring of euphoria. She ensures she has no memories of the attack. During one of her gatherings in 2017, she communicated:

In a Crime Watch Daily exclusive, Ashley Reeves and Crime Watch Daily’s Elizabeth Smart return to the scene of the crime.

A hooligan truly hard: Other than the way that he snapped the neck of a 17-year-old and leave her for dead – – hours sometime later he went out country line-moving like nothing had happened. Elizabeth Clever is in St. Louis with the disturbing nuances and the police video you really want to encounter, in actuality, to appreciate. It’s the walk each cop fears: Significant into the faint woods searching for a body, gotten there by an idea killer who’s not simply told them where to find his setback, yet the manner by which he killed her. 

Police cameras are moving as the chase party stalks through the tangled overabundance to a clearing, and the assortment of 17-year-old Ashley Reeves. Notwithstanding, in this staggering story of fear, everything changes in a brief moment. 

Before that horrible night in April 2006, Ashley Reeves was an engaging and impressive optional school junior, a remarkable student with a reliable darling named Jeremy Smith. Ashley’s more energetic sister Casey tells Elizabeth Savvy that Ashley was the one she by and large rotated toward the sky to. In any case, burden would find Ashley on the horrendous night she’d meet a monster in the woodland. 

It’s a Thursday night in April 2006. Ashley goes out in Millstadt, Illinois for a plan in Fairview Levels, a town practically 15 miles away for another worker screening. She’s driving a SUV having a spot with her darling. Anyway, that night Ashley wouldn’t get back home. Hours sometime later, nor Ashley’s family nor colleagues had heard from Ashley. 

“Something was different with this case,” said Swansea, Wiped out. Police Supervisor Steven Johnson. “This missing young woman, Ashley Reeves, was not taking note of even texts from any of her partners. Additionally, one thing we know with young ladies is they will, maybe not answer their people, but instead they will answer their partners. “. 

Ashley’s mom calls police in a furor. “Tragically we get several calls that will be like that, and by a wide margin the majority of them are either, maybe they just stayed out exorbitantly extensive with a sidekick or something along those lines, yet there was something with her voice that genuinely sounded very disturbing, and I said ‘Boss, this one sounds fairly exceptional, I think we probably need to run with this one right away,'” said St. Clair Region Sheriff’s Lt. 

Mike Hundelt. “It was anything but a great deal of longer starting there forward, Ashley’s vehicle that she had been driving, was found at Laderman Park here in Belleville,” said Hundelt. Inside Jeremy Smith’s undesirable SUV are Ashley’s outfit for the new worker screening and ball articles of clothing. Nevertheless, there was no sign of Ashley. Ashley’s playmate Jeremy is a parent’s dream: Sound, straight to the point, seemed to venerate their young lady. 

They had been dating for just about two years. In any case, by and by analysts need to speak with him. “Right when you start overseeing missing people you generally will commonly focus in on people who are closest around them,” said Hundelt. Examiners put Smith in a predicament. Smith tells criminal specialists he was away the night Ashley vanished, and doesn’t have even the remotest clue about a thing. 

“He seemed like he truly centered around Ashley a significant sum,” said Hundelt. “I had a mind-boggling tendency that he didn’t really realize whatever was going on.” Anyway by then the youthful individual’s gathering yields a game-developing clue. 

“She said ‘I will go to this gathering and I will go play b-ball,'” Smith tells Hundelt in the questioning. “How should a young female have to take care of business in an entertainment region far away from school?” said Capt. Johnson. A friend tells police Ashley would habitually meet a man at a diversion region to get it done, someone they all knew: 27-year-old Samson Shelton. 

Shelton is the driver’s-preparing and physical-tutoring educator at a rival school. He’s moreover a confident master grappler alluding to himself as “The Teacher.” Were Sam and Ashley getting together for more than ball? Ashley’s lover tells investigators he needs to differ unequivocally. However, as Ashley’s family continues with their berserk chase, a substitute story emerges. Blown up watchmen decide to call each number from Ashley Reeves’ phone bill after she vanishes. 

They run over a number they didn’t see over and over. They dial it, and on the contrary completion of the phone, a past teacher, a man nine years her senior: Sam Shelton, a renowned instructor and coach, who lives nearby with his mother and grandmother. The night Ashley evaporated, regarded respectable man is found on tape moving at the Wild Country dance club. 

“My mom truly talked with Sam that night,” said Casey Reeves, Ashley’s sister. “Besides, he was like ‘No, haven’t heard from her, haven’t seen her.’ Hung up like it was no big deal.” In any case, partners say Shelton is a big deal: Ashley let them in on she was genuinely connected with the considerably more prepared man, and ought to meet him that night. 

“He was truly considered at the time a minor lead since what had been told to us was he was a buddy of Ashley’s, that they would just kind of take care of business together,” said Lt. Hundelt. Criminal examiners pull the young tutor right out of baseball preparing for a gathering. A very much arranged and supportive Shelton tells inspectors that paying little mind to what Ashley had said, his relationship with the young person was basically non-heartfelt. 

He in like manner says he’s been staying away from Ashley for a seriously prolonged stretch of time. He tells police Ashley was becoming focused on him, calling him determined. “Getting moving I felt like he knew more than all that he was sharing with us,” said Hundelt. “I think he wanted to endeavor to just control us, continue to talk with us and be pleasing and just kind of play along and believe that this will all vanish,” said St. Clair Region Sheriff’s Sgt. 

Daniel Stockett. Regardless, when just barely gotten by police with declarations from Ashley’s sidekicks, Shelton changes his story, telling police their relationship went farther than a goodbye embrace – – fundamentally further. “I will say this: we will not at any point kiss. We never kissed,” Shelton says in the questioning. “To be sure, we participated in sexual relations rearward of the vehicle there, and after that day I truly lamented that. 

“At first he had said they were buddies,” said Capt. Johnson. “Furthermore, subsequently he had said that they played b-ball. What’s more, thereafter he had said he really wanted a relationship with her. Furthermore, a short time later he had said at one point he was endeavoring to cut off the relationship with her. He had changed the story such a great deal of that a person who didn’t have anything to hide away, how is it that you could change it that much?” “We just continued to get him in lies, it was lie after lies,” said Stockett. 

Then, a resulting sensation explodes: Ashley Reeves was in Sam Shelton’s vehicle a day or two ago. He tells police they had a conflict and he left her by the side of the road. In any case, Shelton’s story closes with Reeves alive. “She was screamin’, kickin’, everything,” Shelton says in the questioning. 

“Put her down, shut the doorway, ran the vehicle, I took off. I left her. I left her there is what I did. I overlooked her there by Radio Arrive at Road. I overlooked her in that overall area.”

Why was Shelton more concerned with line-dancing that night than with Ashley’s well-being? His answer is as cold-blooded as it is unbelievable.

“I would have rather not got by there, since, assuming that I would’ve gotten by there, if I would’ve seen her as, I have no clue, whether she had got hit by a vehicle or something and she was laying around there in a channel, if I would’ve seen that, I couldn’t stand that,” Shelton says in the recorded questioning. “I have a by and large fear, I have a very weak stomach concerning, like stomach films, I couldn’t as a matter of fact watch those. I really have to me from that film ‘Texas Managing apparatus Butcher’ that arose, have you seen that film? Accepting I would like see her like spreading all over town in that overall area, it just – – I don’t have even the remotest clue. I would have felt thoroughly like unpleasant.” 

“You mean to tell me that this is a person that you truly centered around and that you forgot about her and about, yet you didn’t endeavor to banter with her or call her after that?,” said Hundelt. “I said ‘I view that as challenging to acknowledge.'” The specialists hammer at Shelton’s record for a seriously significant time-frame, but Shelton doesn’t meander from his story. 

Then, at that point, a stunning piece of predetermination: On a washroom break, Shelton runs into the division’s lead criminal specialist, Steven Johnson. “He was a Pioneer in our policing post. I was an aide,” said Johnson. “It’s a piece of the Kid officers, and they learn about policing.” Johnson takes command over the gathering, looking for a point that will isolate Shelton’s limits. 

“Teach us in regards to the blunder that was made, Sam,” Johnson says in the questioning. Following twenty minutes Shelton breaks down at the notification of one name. “Accepting I left from here and I continued to talk with grandma right now, and I set out this whole story that you’re saying, what’s grandma going to say?” Johnson asks Shelton in the questioning room. 

“I essentially have to get back and I basically have to clear up for mother and grandma exactly what happened,” Shelton replies. Playing the “grandma card” may be the principal way gave to separate Shelton and track Ashley Reeves. So Johnson matches down on the gloom. 

“Your grandma hasn’t shown up,” Johnson says in the questioning. “Your mom hasn’t shown up. Nevertheless, prepare to be blown away. In a way they are. Since all that they showed you, all of the conversations grandma had with you, are inside you. All of them are. 

Likewise, unfortunately the current second, Sam, you ain’t telling the truth with us. Also, you truly need to. You want to. For mother. For grandma.” Johnson leaves the wailing Shelton in the questioning room, adequately extensive for the culpability to absorb.”

“Right when he mentioned to be isolated from every other person, I understood he was ready to concede,” said Johnson.

“Can I go show you what happened?” Shelton says in the recording. “I’d have to show you.”

After north of 12 hours of depleting interrogation, 26-year-old Samson Shelton finally snaps, owning up to a horrible bad behavior. “I drug her to a lavish locale, I connected this thing around her neck to cause it to appear like someone smothered her out there,” Samson says in the recorded questioning. 

By and by the culpability ridden auxiliary educator agrees to take experts to the covering spot some place down in the backwoods where he emptied the arrangement of Ashley Reeves. Shelton pulled Reeves far into the trees of a sporting facility the previous night. Regardless, as of now, under the front of night and deluge, Shelton can’t get his heading. Reeves’ body could be wherever. 

“It was faint, it was turbulent and it was cold and the timberland were so thick,” said Capt. Johnson. “After we had walked around the backwoods for doubtlessly 20, 30 minutes or close, I was beginning to examine whether he was maybe just kind of taking us on a silly pursuit and to some degree playing with us again,” said Lt. 

Hundelt. Then, at that point, hearts stop as spotlights land on a horrendous revelation: Ashley Reeves’ wrecked body. “She was laying on the ground on her back, obviously terminated,” said Johnson. “There was extraordinary many bug eats all over her,” said Hundelt. 

“She had been out there for a really long time.” For 30 difficult hours. Then, a powerful event: “She’s unwinding. She’s unwinding! Get EMTs!” “I saw her chest rise and it was actually similar to ‘Holy cow,’ we were just panicky,” said Sgt. Stockett.

“Oh my God, we found her, she’s alive,” said Lt. Hundelt.

Emergency workforce contest to save Ashley. She’s been left for dead in the timberland for north of 30 hours, cool, hardly breathing, stifled nearly to death. Regardless of the way that she’s at this point alive, the perception isn’t perfect. “The paramedics that were there told me that they didn’t think she wanted to get woods,” said Capt. Johnson. Back at the police central command, confirmation photos show Sam Shelton hardly had an engraving on him. 

Right when Johnson finally hears his confirmation he knows why: Ashley never got a chance to set up an entirely noteworthy fight. “They got into some sort of a dispute and she wouldn’t get away from his vehicle, and he ensures he got her into a wrestling extremely tight grip, and when he did that he heard her neck pop,” said Johnson. “Additionally, she went limp, and he had no clue about what to do. He said that he overcompensated by then.” 

Shelton portrays what he did immediately. Be advised: His wanton affirmation will cause you to feel debilitated. “I was a concern wort, thinking, ‘What do I do? What do I do?'” Sam Shelton says in the recorded questioning. “I expected to cause it to seem like she’d got she got stifled there in the woods.” “So he choked her. He smothered her with his hands. That didn’t work. 

She was meanwhile breathing,” said Johnson. “I took the belt and I pulled, I pulled it on her neck, I don’t have even the remotest clue how long I held tight,” Shelton says in the recording. “I expected to turn my head since I would have rather not seen.” 

“Out of the blue I heard like a falter. What’s more, subsequently all of a sudden when I heard the falter, I let go, and when I let go, she had spit, foam, rising up out of her mouth. Furthermore, a short time later I’d seen that she was the most sickly assortment I’d anytime seen,” Shelton says in the recorded confirmation. “Her tongue was prefer kind of projecting as such, between the teeth.”

“He then, involved his foot for impact to choke as hard as could be expected, and the belt broke,” said Johnson. “So he repositioned by and by and smothered until there was no more breathing, no more froth, no more changing of the facial tone, and he left her in these woods.” 

“I just took off. I mean I from a genuine perspective ran through there all of a sudden,” Shelton says in the recording. Then, Shelton’s affirmation closes with this head-shaking exchange: “Am I going to have the choice to get like my contact course of action and take my contacts out, and toothbrush?” Shelton asks during the interrogation. 

“I don’t think so.” “I can’t take my contacts out?” Shelton says. Reality actually apparently can’t absorb for this prideful 26-year-old, who doesn’t have all the earmarks of being at all stressed over the young woman he as a matter of fact endeavored to gag in the timberland.

“Am I gonna get like a little private toilet? ‘Cause I can’t pee when there’s people around ’cause of my urinary stress disorder,” Shelton says in the recording.

“I don’t have even the remotest clue, Sam. I’ll tell them that that is what you really want, but I was unable to say whether they’ll have the choice to do that.” “Since I’ll be sad if I can’t pee,” Shelton says. Samson Shelton is caught and blamed for attempted murder. 

Disregarding his affirmation, he makes bail and is release while expecting starter. Nevertheless, his issues with the law are not even close to wrapped up. At one point experts say Shelton sincerely endeavored to end everything by ingesting a perhaps deadly blended drink of arrangement pills and alcohol. 

Then, when EMTs rush in to endeavor to save him, the tormented teacher probably punches and spits at them. “I was told by ER staff that he had a sythesis on his chest of some sort or another, like a marker, that says ‘Don’t save me,’ or ‘Don’t restore me,’ or something like that,” said Manager Johnson. Shelton admits to tried first-degree murder and is sentenced to 20 years in prison.


  1. Ashley Reeves survived an attempted murder by Samson Shelton in 2006.
  2. Shelton, a former teacher and wrestler, lured Ashley into his car, attempted to strangle her, and left her for dead.
  3. Ashley was found alive after 30 hours and underwent medical treatment.
  4. Shelton confessed to the crime and was sentenced to 20 years in prison.


Ashley Reeves, a prominent American woman, survived a horrific attempted murder in 2006 by Samson Shelton, a former teacher and wrestler. Despite initially implicating her boyfriend, Jeremy Smith, evidence later pointed to Shelton, with whom Ashley had a romantic relationship. Shelton lured Ashley into his car, attempted to strangle her, and left her for dead in a park. Miraculously, Ashley was found alive after 30 hours and underwent extensive medical treatment. Shelton was arrested, confessed to the crime, and was sentenced to 20 years in prison.


Who is Samson Shelton?

Samson Shelton is a former teacher and wrestler who attempted to murder Ashley Reeves in 2006.

What happened to Ashley Reeves in 2006?

Ashley Reeves survived an attempted murder by Samson Shelton, who lured her into his car, attempted to strangle her, and left her for dead in a park.

What was Samson Shelton’s sentence for the attempted murder of Ashley Reeves?

Samson Shelton was sentenced to 20 years in prison for the attempted murder of Ashley Reeves.

Is there a movie or book about Ashley Reeves’ story?

Yes, Ashley Reeves published a book titled “Left for Dead” in 2009, and a film titled “Left for Dead: The Ashley Reeves Story” was released.

Is Ashley Reeves married?

Ashley Reeves’ marital status is not widely known, but there are reports suggesting she is married to a man who was her partner after the incident with Shelton.

What is Ashley Reeves doing now?

Ashley Reeves currently volunteers at a violence prevention center in Illinois and has two children.

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