Shamicka Gibbs: A Multifaceted Journey Through Music, Business, and Personal Triumphs


Introducing Shamicka Gibbs, a certified American pearl with joins following back to the enthusiastic city of Dallas, Texas. Her relationship with music ignited in the center of her life as a youngster, making an arrangement towards an unprecedented outing in the domain of redirection. As a performer, performer, and performer, she’s removed a spot for herself that is fundamentally essentially as varied as her gifts.

Encountering adolescence in Dallas, Shamicka’s soul resonated with the rhythms of R&B starting from the start. It wasn’t a long time before she ended up doused in the charm of music, discharging her whole existence into each note she sang. Her cycle took a pivotal transform when she transformed into a piece of the acclaimed band Hard and fast, where her voice transformed into a striking peculiarity in the music business.

Nevertheless, Shamicka’s cravings didn’t stop there. With a profound yearning to explore her wonder further, she left on a presentation employment that displayed her unrefined capacity and certain appeal. With each tune she composed and each stage she graced, she enchanted swarms with her excellent blend of energy and validness.

Notwithstanding, Shamicka’s capacities aren’t bound to the space of music alone. She’s moreover changed the universe of acting, gracing both the of every kind imaginable screens with her undeniable presence. Whether she’s conveying a soul-mixing execution in a film or enlightening the screen with her powerful energy on television, Shamicka effectively shows what she can do as a different entertainer.

Oblige us as we hop further into the life and calling of Shamicka Gibbs, a certified robust whose capacity surpasses every consistent constraint.

Who is Shamicka Gibbs: 

We ought to examine Shamicka Gibbs, brought into the world on November 11, 1975, in the powerful city of Los Angeles, California, under the confounding sign of Scorpio. She’s a veritable jack of all trades, with a resume that navigates across various endeavors.

While she’s tinkered including business to unscripted TV notoriety, various individuals could see her as the past accessory of the extraordinary performer, boss, and creator, Martin Lawrence. Their heartfelt story persevered through a fair 15 years before they decided to go out this way and that in 2012.

Anyway, Shamicka didn’t permit that to describe her. In light of everything, she took the spotlight and put it all on the line. You might have gotten her on “Hollywood Exes,” where she was a top dog character, giving groups a short investigation of her life and outing.

By and by, here’s where things get really fascinating. Ensuing still up in the air to have lupus, Shamicka turned her fixation towards her energy for cooking. She’s transformed into a culinary wizard, succeeding at sans gluten recipes that taste delightful as well as deal with those with dietary constraints.

Regardless, that isn’t all. Shamicka is a veritable prankster, having a couple of associations including a chain of spas. She’s similarly known for her cooking informative activities, where she confers her capacity to excited understudies, and she’s not unobtrusive about working with events that join people over incredible food and extraordinary association.

Despite the challenges she’s stood up to, Shamicka stays an inspiration to many, showing us all that could be coordinated to stunning accomplishment.

Shamicka Gibbs Biography:

We should investigate Shamicka Gibbs, the multi-gifted television host and entertainer hailing from the blazing city of Los Angeles, California. Brought into the world on November 11, 1975, she’s a genuine Scorpio, known for her energy and power.

Growing up, Shamicka was encased by kinship from her kin, Ronnie Gibbs and Susan Gloria, and her family, Donnel and Gigi. She went to Rubidoux Discretionary School in Riverside, California, where she succeeded instructively as well as displayed her abilities in prepared court and in the school company.

Standing tall at 5 feet, 7 inches, Shamicka has a presence that orders thought. With a stack of 67 kilograms, she cautiously keeps up with greatness and sureness, embodying the genuine soul of a Scorpio.

Shamicka’s life took an intriguing turn when she got it going with the incomprehensible humorist and entertainer, Martin Lawrence, from 2010 to 2012. Their alliance leaned toward them with two incredible kids, adding basically more fulfillment to their lives.

Past her own life, Shamicka has become prestigious in news sources through her appearances on changed television sitcoms. Her ability and persona have enraptured swarms, getting her a serious fan base.

Through everything, Shamicka remains grounded, loving her family and embracing the bewildering doorways that come her direction. With her star on the ascension, it’s challenging to figure out what stunning things that are to come holds for this significant lady.


Full nameShamicka Gibbs
Date of birth11 November 1975
Age46 years (as of June 2022)
Zodiac signScorpio
Place of birthLos Angeles, California, United States
Current residenceLos Angeles, California, United States
Sexual orientationStraight
Height in inches5’ 7’’
Height in centimeters170
Weight in pounds130
Weight in kilograms59
Hair colorDark brown
Eye colorBrown
Relationship statusDating
BoyfriendAntwuan Hill
Ex-husbandMartin Lawrence
EducationLeuzinger High School, Rubidoux High School
ProfessionTelevision personality, entrepreneur, chef, fashion designer
Net worth$5 million
Shamicka Gibbs’ Instagram@shamicka_lawrence

Shamicka Gibbs Education:

Shamicka’s optional school years were a storm of activity, as she changed her time among sports and music at Rubidoux Auxiliary School from 1989 to 1991. She was an astonishing force to be reckoned with ready court and track field, all while crediting her voice to the school gathering.

Right after continuing on from Leuzinger Optional School in 1993, she followed an unforeseen way in contrast with most. While an enormous number of her companions pursued high level training, Shamicka relied upon her nature and pigeon indiscreetly into her energy for cooking. She didn’t go to class, yet that decision didn’t cheer her spirits a tiny smidgen. She was content with the manner in which she had picked.

Taking everything into account, she twisted up and was drawn to the clamoring streets of New York City, where she was chosen at the Association of Culinary Preparation. It was there that she refined her culinary capacities, engrossing all the data and experience the city offered that might be of some value.

Her outing through culinary school was something past a means to an end; it was a delightful wellspring of both gift and agony. Shamicka’s responsibility and excitement for cooking emanated through each dish she made, establishing the groundwork for what could transform into a praised lifetime in the culinary world.

Shamicka Gibbs Age:

Shamicka Gibbs entered the world on November 11, 1975, meaning her spot as a Scorpio. At this point, she’s 47 years fiery, with her 48th birthday celebration very close in 2023. Time slips by quickly, yet Shamicka continues to radiate amazingly!

Shamicka Gibbs Height:

Shamicka Gibbs stands tall at 5 feet 7 inches, adding an additional layer of presence to her generally surprising ability and stage persona. Her level isn’t simply an actual quality; it’s an impression of the certainty and effortlessness she brings to each exhibition, making her a genuine awe-inspiring phenomenon in the diversion world.

Shamicka Gibbs Personal life:

Shamicka Gibbs and Martin Lawrence’s heartfelt story was one that blossomed for a really long time. They were cherished allies for nearly three years before branching out into marriage. Despite not being a customary individual at the focal point of consideration, Shamicka turned out to be a devoted mate and mother.

Their affiliation inclined toward them with two beautiful young ladies, Iyanna Certainty, brought into the world on November 9, 2000, and Amara Trinity, welcomed on August 20, 2002. Regardless, despite their once-solid bond, individual moves incited the breakdown of their partnership.

In April 2012, Lawrence looked for a legitimate partition, alluding to sad differences. He searched for shared genuine and real consideration of their adolescents, meaning the completion of their marriage cycle.

This wasn’t Lawrence’s most critical brush with marriage, as he had previously gotten it done with Lark Voorhies in 1993. Tragically, that relationship moreover completed independently before they could truly create a conjunction.

Shamicka Gibbs Family:

Shamicka Gibbs has reliably called Los Angeles, California, her home, having consumed her entire time on earth on the splendid West Coast. While she’s known for remaining silent about her own life, one thing she’s been open about is her occupation as a mother to two brilliant young ladies she grants to her ex, Martin Lawrence.

Their young ladies, Amara Trinity Lawrence and Iyanna Certainty Lawrence, have given ceaseless delight and love into Shamicka’s life. Iyanna Certainty made her astonishing passage on November 9, 2000, while Amara Trinity adhered to this equivalent example on August 20, 2002. Together, they structure an exceptionally close family unit, despite the promising and less encouraging times that life sometimes brings.

It’s very critical that Martin Lawrence similarly has a young lady named Jasmine Page from a past relationship with Patricia Southall, adding impressively more love to their more far off family circle.

Shamicka Gibbs Career:

Shamicka Gibbs is a woman of various gifts, and remembering that she keeps her master life by and large covered up, she’s caused aggravations in the culinary world with her line of flavors called Don’t Hurt Cha, Tongue Youngster. Her trip into the spotlight began with her appearance on VH1’s Hollywood Exes, where groups got a short investigation of her life present union with Martin Lawrence.

Not at all like Shamicka’s saved nature, Martin Lawrence is an effortlessly perceived name in news sources. From well known motion pictures like Nearby Party and Talkin’ Foul Into the night to his astonishing sitcom Martin, he’s made a long-lasting engraving on spoof. Regardless, his calling hasn’t been without its discussions, for instance, his limitation from Saturday Night Live directly following a couple of sketchy remarks during a discourse in 1994.

After Martin encompassed 1997, Lawrence continued to shimmer in parody films, showing that his capacity surpasses every consistent limit. While Shamicka could jump at the chance to keep a lower profile, there’s no denying the impact both she and Martin have had on the redirection world.

Shamicka Gibbs Net Worth:

Anytime contemplated Shamicka Gibbs’ financial status? For sure, as demonstrated by strong sources, she’s partying hard with an all out resources of more than $5 million as of mid-2024. How is it that she could store such overflow? Through her sharp business capacities and meanders into various endeavors.

Her brands like Back rub Envy Spa and Micka’s Extra space have certainly expected an immense part in supporting her money related portfolio. With such productive undertakings added to her collection, it wouldn’t be shocking on the off chance that her complete resources continue to move from this point forward. Shamicka is a veritable case of changing energy into benefit!

Shamicka Gibbs Relationship:

It seems like Shamicka Gibbs is focusing on herself and her calling for now, as there’s little information about her relationship status. While she hasn’t been standing apart as really newsworthy of late, a couple of fans have been speculating about a possible split the difference with her ex.

What lighted these reports, you could consider? To be sure, a couple of very perceptive fans saw that she really had Lawrence in her Instagram handle, provoking some wild hypothesis. However, it just so happens, it was every one of the a ton of outlandish snitch. Shamicka keeps her own life close to the chest, leaving fans guessing about what’s next for her.


  • Birth and Background: Shamicka Gibbs was born on November 11, 1975, in Los Angeles, California, and grew up in Dallas, Texas. She discovered her passion for music at a young age.
  • Career: Gibbs is a versatile entertainer, known for her contributions as a singer, songwriter, actress, TV host, and entrepreneur. She was a member of the group Total before pursuing a solo career.
  • Family Life: Shamicka Gibbs was married to actor Martin Lawrence from 2010 to 2012, and they have two daughters together, Iyanna Faith Lawrence and Amara Trinity Lawrence.
  • Entrepreneurship: She’s the owner of successful businesses including Massage Envy Spa and Mickey’s Pantry, with a line of spices called Don’t Hurt Cha, Tongue Boy.
  • Personal Life: Gibbs keeps most details of her personal life private, but she has garnered attention for her relationship with Martin Lawrence.


Shamicka Gibbs is a multi-gifted American craftsman who rose to conspicuousness in the music business as an individual from All out prior to wandering into an effective performance profession. She’s likewise caused disturbances as an entertainer, television host, and business visionary. In spite of keeping a confidential individual life, her relationship with Martin Lawrence and their family have at times been in the public eye.


What is Shamicka Gibbs’ net worth? 

As of mid-2024, Shamicka Gibbs has a net worth of over $5 million, primarily accumulated through her successful entrepreneurship ventures and involvement in various industries.

What businesses does Shamicka Gibbs own?

Shamicka Gibbs owns Massage Envy Spa and Mickey’s Pantry, along with a line of spices called Don’t Hurt Cha, Tongue Boy.

Does Shamicka Gibbs have children? 

Yes, Shamicka Gibbs has two daughters, Iyanna Faith Lawrence and Amara Trinity Lawrence, from her marriage to actor Martin Lawrence.

Is Shamicka Gibbs still in a relationship with Martin Lawrence? 

No, Shamicka Gibbs and Martin Lawrence divorced in 2012. While there have been rumors of reconciliation, they remain separated.

What is Shamicka Gibbs’ career background? 

Shamicka Gibbs began her career as a singer and later ventured into acting, entrepreneurship, and TV hosting. She gained recognition through her appearances on VH1’s Hollywood Exes and her successful business ventures.

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