Who is Staiv Gentis? Bio, Wiki, Age, Height, Education, Career, Net Worth, Family, Boyfriend And More

Staiv Gentis is an entertainer, yet he is more known as the sweetheart of dazzling model Ines Roy, about whom admirers are interested. His whole foundation is itemized here.

In 2017, subsequent to featuring in Valerian and the City of 1,000 Planets, Staiv Gentis started to get far reaching consideration.

The entertainer’s advantages beyond performing incorporate games.

As of late, he likewise depicted the personality of Owen in Cowhide Daddy. He is popular with people in general for something beyond his alluring appearance.

Ines Rau, the principal transsexual close friend on Playboy, is dating the entertainer right now.

She is a playboy-presenting French model. Peruse on to find out about the entertainer and his connections than you likely envisioned.

Who is Staiv Gentis?

Staiv Gentis is a Hollywood entertainer. He was brought into the world in France. Despite the fact that he has shown up in Hollywood films, you won’t find his name on any Wikipedia page, which is weird.

He is in his 30s nevertheless did stunts for “Tom Clancy’s Apparition Recon: Breakpoint.”

There are very few insights concerning Staiv’s initial life. Staiv Gentis concentrated on acting at “The Entertainers Studio in Los Angeles,” and “Conservatoire de Paris.”

Staiv is an appealing Hollywood entertainer.


Staiv is a great entertainer, however that is not entirely there to be familiar with him.

The entertainer doesn’t have a Wikipedia page yet.

Furthermore, he performs stunts for Tom Clancy’s Apparition Recon: Breakpoint.

His look recommends that he is somewhere in the range of 30 and 35 years of age. There has been no declaration of his actual birth date.

He concentrated on acting at both the Conservatoire de Paris and the Entertainers Studio in Los Angeles, where he took part in the artistic exchange. He’s an entertainer with an inclination for actual preparation and rivalry.

Is Ines Rau Staiv Gentis’s Girlfriend?

Notwithstanding their high-profile vocations, Staiv and Ines have figured out how to stay quiet about their sentiment.

While they would rather not be captured together, they show their enthusiasm for each other via virtual entertainment. Starting around 2017, Staiv Gentis has been with Ines Rau.

They have effectively concealed their sentiment from the public eye, however they aren’t past flaunting their affection through online entertainment.

They likewise join in and partake in various exercises and outings together.

Staiv is as far as anyone knows helping Ines in developing and extending her points of view.

Ines was the main transparently transsexual lady to show up as “Close companion of the Month” in the November/December 2017 issue of Playboy, which Cooper Hefner, the child of Playboy organizer Hugh Hefner, uncovered in October 2017.

Previous grown-up star Jenna Jameson hasn’t seriously loved the team, yet that hasn’t prevented them from being a motivation to many.

In our current reality where scorn and prejudice are excessively normal, they act as a motivating model of adoration and consideration.

Ines Rau, The Partner Of Staiv Gentis, Has Been Linked To Kylian Mbappe

There was a great deal of press about whether or not Ines Rau was dating Kylian Mbappe.

Despite the fact that they were seen clasping hands and kissing near the ocean in Cannes, sources asserted that Mbappe had continued on toward Belgian excellence Stephanie Rose Bertram.

Albeit the hypotheses about Kylian Mbappé and Ines Rau are fascinating, it is vital to remember that public characters, similar to any other person, reserve a privilege to security, even as we research them.

Notwithstanding the consistent checking of the media and general society, safeguarding their security and individuality is fundamental.

How About All That Money Staiv Gentis Has?

Staiv is the accomplice of Ines Rau, the primary transsexual close friend in the Playboy establishment. His abundance is hazy; be that as it may, it is believed to be around $1 million.

Since he is a notable entertainer and trick entertainer whose credits incorporate Leatherdaddy and Valerian and the City of 1,000 Planets, Gentis’ fortune is probably the consequence of his devotion to wellbeing and games.

He previously attempted MMA in 2012, when he competed in the Muscle Craziness Wellness Europe Title in Paris, France.

Gentis’ pay comes from various sources, including acting, stunt work, and visitor features with his life partner, the model and entertainer Ines Rau.

He has additionally worked together with the athleisure brand Open air Voices and showed up in Tiffany and Co’s. “There’s Only One” publicizing effort.

Performer Of Many Talents

Staiv Gentis has taken a shot at a wide range of things beyond acting. He has demonstrated his enthusiasm for media outlets by functioning as a skillful trick entertainer for Tom Clancy’s Phantom Recon: Breakpoint.

Staiv is so committed to wellness and sports that he put second at the 2012 Musclemania Wellness Europe Titles in Paris.

Staiv Gentis is a fitness coach for superstars including Ricardo Tisci, Marc Jacobs, and Michele Lamy (Rick Owens’ better half), as well as being an entertainer and sports devotee himself.

Beginning around 2008, Staiv’s ubiquity as the subject of brands, compositions, and models has expanded thanks to his ability and mystique.

His adoration for high power pursuits like skydiving shows that his feeling of experience isn’t restricted to the stage.

Staiv needed to conquer his own questions and anxieties, particularly in his immaturity, before he could make progress.

In any case, he defeated them through preparing and contemplation and is currently a good example for some.

He was fruitful in light of the fact that he kept his sights set on his goals and strove constantly for development. Staiv Gentis: A Flexible Ability and Supporter for Affection

February 16, 2024 by Isabella Lane

Staiv Gentis is a flexible talent.He is known for his different abilities and capacities. He’s likewise perceived as a supporter of affection, spreading energy and sympathy through his work.

He is a Flexible Ability and Promoter for Love.He is a signal of motivation in the diversion industry.With his multi-layered capacities he enraptured crowds across different stages.

Through his work he spreads messages of trust, solidarity and graciousness. He contacts the hearts of numerous all over the planet.

His work resonates with crowds around the world. He spreads energy and motivation.

Staiv Gentis’ effect reaches out to past diversion. He contacts the hearts of numerous with his messages of trust and solidarity.

Personal Life of Staiv Gentis

Staiv Gentis drives a satisfying individual life loaded up with affection, chuckling and inventiveness.

He brought into the world intensely for spreading energy. He esteems minutes enjoyed with loved ones.

Regardless of his bustling timetable, Staiv focuses on quality time with friends and family. He sustains solid bonds and makes enduring recollections.

In his personal time, Staiv enjoys different leisure activities. He tracks down happiness in exercises that fuel his imagination and revive his soul.

Whether it is investigating nature, seeking after imaginative undertakings and essentially getting a charge out of calm snapshots of reflection. He tracks down motivation in his general surroundings.

Staiv keeps on typifying the upsides of adoration, benevolence and empathy that characterize his personality.

Staiv Gentis Early Life and Education

Staiv Gentis was brought up in a supporting environment.Where he found his enthusiasm for human expressions since early on. Growing up he drenched himself in different types of expression.He leveling up his abilities and supporting his imagination.

 Notwithstanding confronting difficulties along the not entirely settled to seek after his fantasies.

With a hunger for information and a drive to succeed, he sought after his schooling with commitment. He searched out chances to grow how he might interpret the world and extend his mastery in his picked field.

Through his scholarly excursion, he not just obtained significant skills.But he likewise fostered areas of strength for an of versatility and timelessness that would work well for him in his future undertakings.

Staiv Gentis’ Romantic Partner: Ines Rau

Staiv Gentis’ better half is Ines Rau.She is a praised figure known for her excellence and support.

With a dazzling presence Ines sparkles as a model and transsexual activist.Her organization with Staiv Gentis mirrors an association based on common regard, understanding and shared upsides of adoration and acknowledgment.

Together they act as a strong image of inclusivity and diversity.Inspiring others to embrace their actual selves and love without limits.

Ines Rau’s excursion as a model and lobbyist has not just broken barriers.But likewise made ready for more prominent portrayal and acknowledgment in the style and LGBTQ+ people group.

Ines Rau’s relationship with Staiv Gentis features the magnificence of adoration in the entirety of its structures rising above cultural standards and generalizations.

Through their association they exemplify the substance of affection and unity.They urge others to commend variety and embrace genuineness in their connections.

Who is Ines Rau?

  • Ines Rau is the first transgender woman featured on “Playboy” French magazine as “Playmate of the Month.” After Hugh Hefner, his son Cooper Hefner is running Playboy magazine. Staiv Gentis and Ines Rau’s relationship received criticism from Jenna Jameson. Yet, their relationship is healthy and in the public domain.
  • Ines has business partnerships with brands such as Nicole Miller, Maison Margiela, and Balmain.
  • Before Staiv Gentis, Ines Rau was related to Kylian Mbappe. Both were seen kissing in Cannes. Later, Kylian Mbappe fell for Stephanie Rose Bertram, a Belgian model.
  • After their breakup, Ines Rau moved in with Staiv Gentis.
  • She is also featured in Vogue magazine.
  • Ines has more than 500,000 followers on Instagram.


  1. Full Name: Staiv Gentis
  2. Profession: Actor, Stunt Performer, Fitness Enthusiast
  3. Education: Studied acting at Conservatoire de Paris and The Actors Studio in Los Angeles
  4. Notable Works: Valerian and the City of 1,000 Planets, Leather Daddy, Stunts for Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Breakpoint
  5. Relationship: Dating Ines Rau, a renowned model and activist
  6. Nationality: French
  7. Age: In his 30s (Exact date of birth unknown)
  8. Other Talents: MMA competitor, Celebrity personal trainer
  9. Career Achievements: Second place at the 2012 Musclemania Fitness Europe Championships in Paris
  10. Public Appearances: Collaborated with brands like Outdoor Voices and Tiffany & Co.


Staiv Gentis, a French actor and stunt performer, gained significant attention after his role in the movie “Valerian and the City of 1,000 Planets.” 

Educated at the Conservatoire de Paris and The Actors Studio in Los Angeles, Staiv has built a career that spans various facets of the entertainment industry, including acting, stunt work, and fitness training. 

He is currently in a relationship with Ines Rau, a prominent model and the first transgender woman to be featured as “Playmate of the Month” in Playboy magazine.

In addition to his acting career, Staiv has participated in MMA competitions and has a strong passion for fitness, demonstrated by his success at the Musclemania Fitness Europe Championships. 

Despite his growing fame, he remains a private individual, focusing on his professional growth and his relationship with Ines Rau.


Q: Who is Staiv Gentis?

A: Staiv Gentis is a French actor, stunt performer, and fitness enthusiast known for his roles in movies like “Valerian and the City of 1,000 Planets” and “Leather Daddy,” as well as for his stunt work in “Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Breakpoint.”

Q: What is Staiv Gentis’ educational background?

A: Staiv studied acting at the Conservatoire de Paris and The Actors Studio in Los Angeles.

Q: Who is Staiv Gentis dating?

A: Staiv Gentis is dating Ines Rau, a model and activist who was the first transgender woman to be featured as “Playmate of the Month” in Playboy magazine.

Q: What are some of Staiv Gentis’ notable achievements?

A: In addition to his acting and stunt work, Staiv placed second at the 2012 Musclemania Fitness Europe Championships in Paris and has trained celebrities such as Ricardo Tisci and Marc Jacobs.

Q: Does Staiv Gentis have a presence in the fashion industry?

A: Yes, Staiv has collaborated with brands like Outdoor Voices and Tiffany & Co., showcasing his versatility and broad appeal.

Q: What is Staiv Gentis’ role in the entertainment industry?

A: Staiv Gentis is primarily known as an actor and stunt performer, with a strong focus on fitness and physical training.

Q: How did Staiv Gentis and Ines Rau meet?

A: The specifics of how Staiv and Ines met are not publicly known, but they have been together since 2017, sharing their relationship through social media.

Q: What other interests does Staiv Gentis have?

A: Staiv is deeply passionate about fitness, sports, and high-intensity activities like skydiving. He also competes in MMA and works as a personal trainer for celebrities.

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