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Who is Tommy Gooding?

Shirley Gooding became well known in light of her child, Cuba Gooding Jr., an American entertainer, voice-over entertainer, and filmmaker. She is additionally famous as the spouse of the late Cuba Gooding Sr, a notable American artist of the spirit and R&B band The Fundamental Fixing. Beside her association with huge names in media outlets, she is additionally popular by her own doing. Who is this VIP mum, and how can she respond?

Shirley Gooding is a well known American vocalist from the 40s to 60s. She is a previous individual from The Darling, a New York young lady’s music band. Her kids emulated her example and that of her significant other. She currently has grant winning entertainers, humorists, and performers as her posterity, expanding individuals’ advantage in her.

Tommy Gooding Biography:

Cuba Gooding Jr. was brought into the world on January 2, 1968, in the Bronx, New York City, US. His father, Cuba Gooding Sr., was a lofty lead entertainer of the soul music band ‘The Chief Fixing,’ while his mother, Shirley, was a performer related to ‘The Dears.’ Together, they had four children, including Cuba Gooding Jr.

In 1972, Gooding Jr’s. Father’s music bundle gained uncommon headway with the hit single ‘Everybody Acts stupid,’ which incited the family to move to Los Angeles. Unfortunately, his people’s marriage didn’t drive forward, and his father finally left the family, leaving his mother to raise the children isolated.

During his educational trip, Gooding Jr. went to various schools, for instance, Apple Valley Auxiliary School and John F. Kennedy Auxiliary School. Following completing auxiliary school, he cultivated an interest for Japanese hand to hand battling and gave three years to examining and practicing them. In any case, his father finally moved towards acting, driving him to seek after a long lasting career in performing articulations.

Tommy Gooding Wiki?

Full NameShirley Sullivan Gooding
Place of BirthNew York, United States
Height (feet)5’7″
Height (centimeters)170
Weight (kilograms)60
Weight (pounds)132
Hair ColourBlack
Eye ColourDark Brown
Marital StatusMarried
HusbandLate Cuba Gooding Sr.

Tommy Gooding Height:

The mother of Cuba stands 5 feet and 7 inches tall, roughly 170 centimeters. She weighs 132 pounds and 60 kilograms.

Tommy Gooding Personal life:

In 1994, Cuba Gooding Jr. sealed the deal with his secondary school darling, Sara Kapfer. Their romantic tale started during their more youthful years, and together they have three kids. In any case, subsequent to spending numerous years together, the couple went with the hard decision to isolate in 2014, and they are at present going through the most common way of concluding their separation.

The excursion of affection and friendship that Cuba Gooding Jr. what’s more, Sara Kapfer shared has followed an alternate way, and they are presently centered around pushing ahead independently. In spite of the difficulties they face, their fundamental need stays the prosperity and bliss of their youngsters.

While their relationship has transformed, it is an update that life is loaded with exciting bends in the road, and, surprisingly, in troublesome times, development and fresh starts can arise. Both Cuba Gooding Jr. and Sara Kapfer are exploring this progress with deference and understanding, as they set out on their singular processes.

Tommy Gooding Family:

Cuba Gooding Jr. in 1994, she wedded her secondary school darling, Sara Kapfer, an educator. Before their marriage, the couple lived together for a long time. Their marriage appeared to be very content until, in Walk 2014, news broke that the two men had isolated and Kapfer petitioned for legal separation looking for joint physical and lawful authority of their three youngsters. Spencer, Bricklayer and Flute player.

As per TMZ, Sara Kapfer documentation referred to beyond reconciliation contrasts as reason for the separation. Regardless of information about separate from filings, the media doesn’t have the foggiest idea how the separation was settled and on the off chance that it at any point was.

Reports later arose that after the separation filings, the couple kept on seeing each other now and again. Gooding will then record his own papers in January 2017. Cuban children Spencer and Bricklayer were brought into the world in 1994 and 1996 separately, while Flautist was brought into the world in 2005.

Tommy Gooding Career:

Cuba Gooding Jr. started his acting profession with visitor jobs in well-known Television programs such as days ‘Better’s (1986), “Slope Road Blues’ (1987), and “MacGyver’ (1989). In any case, it was his advanced job in the American show movie ‘Boyz n the Hood,’ coordinated by John Singleton, that brought him broad acknowledgment. Delivered on July 12, 1991, the film made business progress as well as raised Gooding’s status in the business.

Following the progress of ‘Boyz n the Hood,’ Gooding took on supporting jobs in striking movies like the 1992 American show ‘A Couple of Good Men,’ the 1993 American activity spine chiller ‘Judgment Night,’ and the 1994 American thrill ride ‘Blown Away.’

In 1996, Gooding’s profession took off higher than ever with the arrival of the games show film ‘Jerry Maguire.’ Featuring close by Tom Voyage, Gooding depicted the personality of a presumptuous yet steadfast football player. The film turned into a blockbuster hit, procuring more than $273 million overall and getting various honors. Gooding’s outstanding exhibition procured him a Foundation Grant for Best Supporting Entertainer, hardening his place as a capable entertainer in the business.

Soon after his forward leap, Gooding showed up in remarkable movies, for example, the 1997 American parody ‘Hopefully acceptable,’ coordinated by James L. Streams, and the 1998 dream show ‘What Dreams Might Come,’ close by Robin Williams.

All through his profession, Gooding has taken on different film jobs, with a few of them making significant progress. A few remarkable movies incorporate ‘Snow Canines’ (2002), ‘Boat Outing’ (2002), ‘Radio’ (2003), ‘American Hoodlum’ (2007), ‘Linewatch’ (2008), ‘Untruths and Deceptions’ (2009), and ‘The Hit Rundown’ (2011).

In 2013, Gooding conveyed a critical execution in the American show film ‘The Steward,’ approximately founded on the existence of Eugene Allen, a server and steward who served in the White House. Close by acclaimed entertainers Woods Whitaker, Oprah Winfrey, John Cusack, James Marsden, and Alan Rickman, the film collected positive audits and made business progress.

Gooding has likewise shown up in a few Television programs, frequently in visitor jobs. Outstandingly, he depicted a huge person in ‘Individuals v. O.J. Simpson: American Wrongdoing Story,’ a show that dug into the notorious O.J. Simpson murder case. Debuting on February 2, 2016, the series got basic recognition and numerous honors.

Tommy Gooding Relationship:

The Jerry McGuire entertainer’s mom was hitched two times to her better half Cuba Imprint. He was a popular 70s performer and lead entertainer for the music threesome gathering The Primary Fixing. His other bandmates were Tony “Panama” Silvester and Luther Simmons Jr.

A portion of their hit tunes were Everyone Acts dumb, Twirling Around, and Simply Would rather not Be Desolate. He likewise joined Motown Records for a performance profession.

Shirley and Cuba Sr met on Jackie Wilson’s show Mr. Fervor, delivered in 1964. In the wake of dating for quite some time, they wedded in 1966 however separated in 1974, supposedly on account of monetary issues.

They returned after numerous years and got hitched in 1995. The couple were together till Cuba Sr’s demise on 20 April 2017 at 72 years old. In Forest Slopes, California, he was tracked down and perished in his silver Panther.

Tommy Gooding Awards & Achievements:

All through his renowned lifetime, Cuba Gooding Jr. has earned various honors and renowned honors. One of his most prominent accomplishments is winning the Foundation Grant for Best Supporting Entertainer for his uncommon depiction in the 1996 film ‘Jerry Maguire.’ His dazzling exhibition as a presumptuous yet faithful football player procured him basic recognition and cemented his place among the best entertainers in the business.

Notwithstanding his Foundation Grant, Gooding has additionally been perceived by the NAACP Picture Grants. He got the NAACP Picture Grant for Exceptional Entertainer in a TV Film, Little Series, or Emotional Extraordinary for his momentous job in the 2012 TV film ‘Firelight.’ This acknowledgment features his flexibility and capacity to enthrall crowds in different configurations, exhibiting his striking ability as an entertainer.

These honors are a demonstration of Cuba Gooding Jr’s. outstanding abilities and his commitments to the universe of film and TV. His devotion and obligation to his art have gained him the esteem and appreciation of the two his companions and crowds the same.

Facts about Tommy Gooding:

  • Full Name: Shirley Sullivan Gooding
  • Gender: Female

Place of Birth: New York, United States

  • Nationality: American
  • Ethnicity: African-American
  • Religion: Christianity
  • Sexuality: Straight
  • Height: 5’7″ (170 cm)
  • Weight: 132 pounds (60 kg)
  • Hair Colour: Black
  • Eye Colour: Dark Brown
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Husband: Late Cuba Gooding Sr.
  • Children: 4
  • Profession: Singer


“Tommy Gooding: A Journey of Redemption” delves into the life and legacy of Shirley Gooding, a renowned American singer from the 40s to the 60s, and her family, notably her son, Cuba Gooding Jr., a celebrated actor. The article explores Shirley’s illustrious career and her connection to the entertainment industry through her son, Cuba Gooding Jr., and late husband, Cuba Gooding Sr. It narrates Cuba Gooding Jr.’s upbringing, his educational journey, and his transition into acting. Additionally, it touches upon his personal life, including his marriage to Sara Kapfer and their subsequent separation. The article highlights Cuba Gooding Jr.’s notable career milestones, such as his acclaimed performance in “Jerry Maguire” and his roles in various films and TV shows. Furthermore, it discusses Shirley and Cuba Gooding Sr.’s relationship, including their marriage, separation, and eventual reconciliation.


Who is Tommy Gooding?

Tommy Gooding, also known as Shirley Sullivan Gooding, is a prominent American singer from the 40s to the 60s. She is renowned for her association with the entertainment industry, being the mother of Cuba Gooding Jr., a well-known actor, and the wife of the late Cuba Gooding Sr., a notable musician.

What is Tommy Gooding’s connection to Cuba Gooding Jr.?

Tommy Gooding is the mother of Cuba Gooding Jr., an acclaimed actor known for his roles in films such as “Jerry Maguire” and “Boyz n the Hood.” She played a significant role in raising him alongside her late husband, Cuba Gooding Sr.

What are some career highlights of Cuba Gooding Jr.?

Cuba Gooding Jr.’s career highlights include his Academy Award-winning performance in “Jerry Maguire” and his roles in notable films like “Boyz n the Hood,” “A Few Good Men,” and “Jerry Maguire.” He has also appeared in various TV shows and has received accolades for his performances.

What is the status of Cuba Gooding Jr.’s personal life?

Cuba Gooding Jr. was previously married to Sara Kapfer, with whom he shares three children. However, they separated in 2014 and are currently in the process of finalizing their divorce. Despite their separation, they remain focused on the well-being of their children.

What is Shirley Gooding’s relationship with Cuba Gooding Sr.?

Shirley Gooding was married to Cuba Gooding Sr., a renowned musician known for his work with the soul music band “The Main Ingredient.” Despite facing challenges in their marriage, including a separation, they eventually reconciled and remained together until Cuba Gooding Sr.’s passing in 2017.

What are some of Cuba Gooding Jr.’s notable film roles?

Some of Cuba Gooding Jr.’s notable film roles include his portrayal of Rod Tidwell in “Jerry Maguire,” Tre Styles in “Boyz n the Hood,” and Carl Brashear in “Men of Honor.” He has also appeared in films such as “A Few Good Men,” “As Good as It Gets,” and “The Butler.”

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